A driver involved in a major accident earlier this morning has fled into the woods near Roadway Drive and FM 1485 East. DPS Troopers, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables are involved in the search.

The male is described as a Hispanic male, no shirt, black pants, black hair, approximately 21, years old. .

Last seen near Coleman Grocery.

If spotted call 911 immediately.

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  1. justaguy

    Yet again another shining example of what these illegals come here to do. Yep, I said it and you know it’s true. Innocent people don’t flee from accidents. Illegal aliens, on the other hand, do. They come over here demanding their so-called “rights” that they are not entitled to along with handouts for food, clothing, school, and on and on and on and we just fork it over to them all the while apologizing for trying to keep the country from degrading to the level of that third world toilet they call Mexico. In return for our kindness we get the “gimme more” attitude and the crime. Meanwhile old Pancho decides to take some of that un-earned gubment money that we’ve given him and go buy a twelve pack of Tecate that he pours down his gullet while driving his unregistered and uninsured vehicle. Pancho crashes into a family, killing them all and then he runs from the scene and straight back into the arms of the motherland while announcing that we can’t do anything to him because he’s a Mexican citizen. Nauseating isn’t it?

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