Just after 3 am Montgomery County Dispatchers received a call for an ATM theft in progress on Commerce Drive near FM 1314 in the Walmart parking lot. Security cameras were watching the theft in progress. The first units arrived as a Ford pickup was attached to the ATM with a chain and trying to pull it off its foundation. Three black males fled on foot. One of the males was captured. Two others are still at large. One male has a black hoodie and red pants and should be wet. The other light skin black male, black hoodie, grey sneakers, khaki pants and face covered from the nose down. The area is surrounded by several agencies including Patton Village, Montgomery County Sheriffs, DPS, Splendora, Precinct 4 Constables, and Roman Forest Police.

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  1. Michael

    That’s pretty darn brazen… wonder who they stole the red pickup truck from?

    Well police got 1, they’ll now know who the other 2 are and it’s only a matter of time before they pick them up. Unfortunately, they’ll likely serve very little time for what they’ve done and will never pay restitution for the damages they caused (ATM and stolen pickup truck, both of which I’m sure were damaged). 🙁

  2. res

    Life Pro Tip:

    When you are going to do something as loud and brazen as trying to rip an ATM machine off it’s foundation, pick a location that’s not in a Walmart parking lot and literally like a mile from a police station.

  3. Jstar

    Whatever happened to just goin and getting a blasted job? Chumps would rather steal and risk losing their freedom than just working like normal ppl. *smh*

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