Tuesday night just as Willis Police and Montgomery County Precinct 2 Deputy Shackleford cleared a traffic stop a motorcycle with a male driver and female passenger passed them on IH 45 at FM 1097. Willis Police ran the tag for stolen and was advised it was stolen motorcycle. When they activated their emergency equipment the motorcycle started to pull over then fled at a high rate of speed.

Willis, Precinct 2 and DPS attempted to stop him as he exited League Line  Road at over 100MPH and continued southbound on the feeder through the intersection of FM 3083 where he re-entered the freeway and accelerated to over 130MPH.

As Willis dropped back Precinct 2 remained in the chase as did DPS. THe went south to FM1488 then west on FM 1488 still over 100MPH. At one point  the Precinct 2 unit was able to get next to him and attempt to get him to stop.

The motorcycle continued to FM 2978 where it went south across the county line and crossed FM 2920. They continued to Boudreaux maneuvering through a set of curves then west on Boudreaux, crossing SH249 to Telge where he continued south into Cypress. Now only two miles from US 290 he cut into the Enchanted Valley Subdivision. Turning the streets at time showering sparks from his tight turns. He turned off onto Enchanted Drive where at the end of the road he laid the bike down.

Pushing his female companion Marcia Lee Biernesser age 47 off of him he fled into the woods. Harris County assisted Montgomery County in arresting the female and tracking the male through the woods with their K-9 units. He was not located.

Biernesser refused to co-operate with authorities and was arrested and charged in Montgomery County with hinder apprehension of a known felon, theft of a motor vehicle, evading arrest and an open violate promise to appear warrant from Precinct 2.

The next morning a resident in the apartment complex in the 11200 block of Huffmeister discovered his 1989 maroon Ford pickup missing from the parking lot. This location was less than a mile from where the male was last seen in the woods.

Thursday afternoon as on of the Sam Houston National Forest Rangers patrolled Stubblefield Lake Road North he passed the stolen truck sitting on the side of the road near the fishing bridge. The male was with it.

As he turned around the male identified as Thomas Jefferson Hughton, age, 31 of Cypress fled into the woods.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s units along with Precinct 2 units and Walker County Sheriff’s Office surrounded the area and a perimeter was set.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville was contacted and responded with several men, horses and thirteen tracking dogs. They searched the wooded area until 9:30 p.m. when the search was called off.

Authorities warn anyone in the Sam Houston National Forest to be alert for this suspect. He is described as a white male, six feet and medium build approximately 200 pounds. His head is bald. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Authorities warn not to leave keys in the vehicles and to keep your vehicles locked.

If he is sighted call 911.

Montgomery County Auto Theft took custody of the stolen vehicle and had the vehicle transported by Stowes Wrecker Service.


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  1. thelaw

    For the record, Willis didnt drop back, they remained in the chase but do to Constable having a super charged dodge charger, his car didnt shut off at 130mph and could accelerate from 0-60 in about 4 seconds. It just took awhile to catch back up on the straight aways.

  2. dana

    well, there are a pack of hound dogs near my son’s house in the national forest……this guy has got to be nearby….the dogs are barking and going crazy…..and they are not our dogs….

  3. Catlette

    They’ll get him eventually–in the meantime, I hope he gets lost in the woods–walks in circles for days, gets REAL hungry and cut up and mosquito bitten, cold at night then begs the police to come pick him up–and then they all should laugh at the idiot~~geesh!!

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