Private citizens and organizations have criticized the use of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles and other military equipment as overly aggressive following the national media focus on the Ferguson Police Department’s use of such equipment in response to riots and demonstrations.

Section 1033 allows for local law enforcement agencies to request surplus military equipment from the Department of Defense, often free of charge.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables received a military MRAP for use in the county. Many people screamed why is it needed, news reporters thought it was over kill. Montgomery County wasn’t the only one that got one. San Marcos Police also was another agency to receive one. There too citizens screamed why is it needed. During flood rescue operations on May 24, 2015 San Marcos Police Officers rescued two persons from their home on Adrian St. In the 700 Block of Barbara Dr. 36 inches of water was rushing down the street, as vehicle began to float away. 4 people were rescued by officers, from several homes, in the 700 Block of Barbara Dr.

A family of 6 was calling for help in the area of the Colony Square Apt. Responding from Barbara Dr. officers drove through deep and rising waters, as well as navigated through vehicles abandon because of the rising flood waters. 14 people were rescued in the area of the Colony Square Apt.

Officers were flagged down and told of a mother who was being swept away near the complex. She and her 16 yoa son were located and rescued. With 20 people in the vehicle they were all transported safely to the shelter.

Officers received a call for a family stuck in a vehicle near Wal Mart. Arriving on the scene officers rescued a man, two kids, and two dogs from a vehicle in high water.

People do not realize how multipurpose police units are. But in reality police patrol units were unable to perform this mission. You see we lost patrol vehicles in the floor waters. So were the police Tahoe’s and SUV’s up to this task or maybe a fire engine rescue vehicle?

None of these could complete this mission. The mission was completed using the MRAP. A vehicle the San Marcos Police Department acquired from the DOD.

Many people say that there is no use for such a vehicle in police work. I’d say asked the 25 people and three dogs rescued in San Marcos Texas during the worst flood in the city’s history.

What did it cost this community? 26.5 gals/$74.45 in fuel and saved lives.



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  1. conroe911

    Oh the little voice of 1 you do get an E For effort.

    I’ll let you win the discussion.
    YOU WIN. Congrats haha.

    Now you feel better?
    Good see now that was easy. So from now on you comment on things you have no idea what your talking about well just say you win up front so that way you’ll not need to expose your ignorance on the subject matter.

  2. VoiceofOne

    It’s deep SEATED. IF you are a cop (and again I say that I seriously doubt that) then you are exactly what I’m talking about. By your own admission you said you break the law by continuing to run your little woo woo lights and noise maker down the road after you’ve been called off and then you say in the next paragraph that it’s illegal to do so that sir or madam makes you a hypocrite. No need to respond. I’m sure that it will be some smart assed response anyway. The last I will say on this topic is that the MRAP is not needed. Period.

  3. conroe911


    It’s not about the article anymore to little voice 1.
    It’s personal like a deep seeded jealously or something. I know that will spark more criticism and name calling by little voice. On more than a few articles little voice always manages to belittle and name call our first responders. I do agree with it that there are some bad apples that do things that are unacceptable in any occupation the fire or police service is no different. As a citizen get the name and organization and make a formal complaint. I would not allow or stand for that in my presence. If we get coffee or a meal free or discounted then I’m very appreciative for that. If not then I’m no different then anyone else.
    The going through red light thing again report it when you see it. It has happened I’m sure. But I can tell you if my superior officers heard that was happening its trouble time not fun.

    I have been running emergency traffic get put back in service by dispatch and purposely keep running emergency until I clear intersection and get down the road out of sight if possible to keep that perception away from citizens. It looks bad and we know to just clear redlight and shut down. It’s actually against the law to continue emergency traffic after being placed in service just to ease a negative perception.
    So I do understand some of little voice 1 complaints.
    And thank GOD for every 1 or 2 little voice types there are 10,000
    BIG voices that are appreciative for our public servants.

    No feeling better than a momma tracking you down while on duty months later to thank you with a tear filled face for helping save the life of her little girl. One of those drowns out anyone complaining about a cup of coffee or discount piece of beef.
    Or even a redlight.

  4. LOL29

    Vo1 ok so it cost some fuel… Did you read the article? It was given to the department. And even the fuel was less than $100. I doubt that will cost you a tax increase of any kind. I think the fuel cost is worth people’s lives, but then again I think lives are valuable so you wouldn’t understand.

  5. VoiceofOne

    You’re SO right conoroe911. I’ve NEVER seen cops or firemen turn on their overhead lights to force their way through rush hour traffic and then cut back in ahead of the line only to turn them off and proceed as usual. That’s a COMMON occurrence in this area and don’t tell me oh they must have got taken off of a call. Bullshit. I’ve NEVER heard a cop in Salt Grass complain about not getting a discount nor have I certainly NEVER seen them in Starbucks complaining that they ACTUALLY got charged for their coffee (gasp! The humanity.). No sir. NEVER have I overheard a cop say how they beat somebody up after having to arrest them and we all know that doesn’t happen at all. They don’t weave in the lanes while on their cell phones either. All of this while thinking they are better than everybody else. Clean up your own yard before crowing about how great you are.

  6. conroe911

    What lol another comment from a little voice that makes no sense.

    Public servant don’t get up and go cut themselves out of a upside down car in the roadway.
    We don’t jump and go do CPR on ourselves.
    Or stop some home invasion while being the invader lol.

    We as public servant
    Fire police ems
    None of us have this entitled hey look at me attitude. But at the same time we will not allow anyone tear any of us down. There’s always been a love hate between some servant but when it counts we pull together and fight for one another without hesitation.

    Just be glad you live in this Country
    This State and this county you are blessed in ways you may not even know. And that does include your safety and GOD forbid a emergency arises of any kind we will be there to help no question.

  7. conroe911

    Lawman for president
    Lol29 Vice President
    Conroe 911 hmmm well just sign me up you see fit

    Thank you for standing up. I’ve been trying for a while and I’m treated like I’m stupid for supporting our community. There are some ungrateful selfish cowards on this site. Thanks again for what you do. I’ve never seen a divide like this between public servants and selfish citizens.

  8. LOL29

    And Dolly, so you don’t want to pay taxes and have police, fire dept and ems? If your house caught fire you would want help. And if you were flooded in you would want a way out. If you were burglarized you would want something done and if you had a heart attack you would need help. So I proudly pay my taxes and appreciate what all these agencies do for me and my county. Working several jobs to make their own bills and keeping us safe and alive. Thank you guys and gals! Keep up the good work!!

    1. VoiceofOne

      You got it all figured out don’t you? You’re a regular genius here. Why I have no idea how the rest of the world gets along without you.

  9. LOL29

    Wow Vo1 just last week you were dead set that our first responders shouldn’t die to save stupid people. Now you don’t think they need the equipment to help people or run down a drug house. So you hate the people and now you don’t care for first responders. What do you care about?

    1. VoiceofOne

      An ANTI-MINE armored personnel carrier is NOT something any law enforcement agency needs. It serves absolutely NO PURPOSE and isn’t used in drug raids either. Are you kidding me? Do you know how much gas that thing guzzles just traveling 10 miles and back? They saw this as a chance to use the crisis (a play right out of the Democrat handbook mind you) to say “see we do need this” when they in fact don’t. The article itself reads like something a department handed out to the media to toot their own horn. How convenient it must have been for a news crew to happen to be in the area while this monstrosity was being used. You can roll a turd in coconut but that doesn’t make it a candy bar and this tax payer funded turd is completely unnecessary.

  10. lawman1

    Well Ms. THANG Dolly Freak,

    It’s probably safe to say that I probably pay your income because I’m pretty sure you are a welfare recipient. I tell you what, you can keep the money that you suposadley contribute to my payroll and I’ll be glad to whipe your address off my list when you need me. I bet you will need me WAY BEFORE I need your .75cents a week! That sounds like a fair swap to me. You really are what is wrong with this great country! You are the “”entitled”” generation so I completley want to entitle you to no first responder service, no protection when you hear a strange noise outside, no rescue when your dumb entitled butt drives thru running water and get swept down stream!
    Man, that would be awesome if I could disassociate the ones that don’t seem to need me but no, I’ll be the first one at your house when you are in need because I am a God fearing Christian and no matter how uninformed or dumb you are its not only my proffessional duty its in my heart to help the dimb ass’s like you out there that have no clue!
    Have a great evening with your Lone Star Card.

    1. VoiceofOne

      Wow. Completely out of control. I doubt you are who you pretend to be but IF you are can I make a large donation to your educational fund? Since we are judging here, the measure of a person’s intellect is how well they read and write the English language and you are CLEARLY lacking in that area so it follows that you must be the uneducated one. Saying that someone is a lazy welfare recipient because they call you out is just out of line and I hope that you get banned from the board.

    2. GeekGoddess

      Would all y’all shut the cluck up and take a chill? For crying out loud already! People are entitled to their opinions and just because you may not LIKE what they have to say, there’s no reason to get nasty with one another. Matter of fact, y’all ought to save the hostility for people who actually deserve it like, oh I don’t know, Al Sharpton perhaps?

      Jesus H. Christ. Some days I feel like I’m one idiot away from a meltdown with the constant barrage of chest-thumping and bullish behavior exhibited in here.

      Can we now resume the funny and/or honest debates instead of the lambasting or is that too much to ask for?

  11. lawman1

    To all you haters,

    Rowdy Haden and his TEAM have done more for EMC than any-other elected official has only to be compared to his Father who also ALWAYS put the community and it’s citizens first. Now, as you can probably tell by my screen name that I may or may not be affiliated with law enforcement, that being said you stupid HATERS would cry if they didn’t have the truck to come save your sorry butts by saying that the county is only worried about writting it’s citizens tickes or some dumb crap like that so go get a life and try supporting the guys that leave their families at night to come save yours!!! I am ashamed to have seen these stupid comments and I pray that the guys / Lady’s out doing the thankless jobs that they do – do not happen across your insulting, slap in the face, cry baby comments!!

    Severly offended!!!!!

    Support these God sent people that will lay down their lives for you, your sons and daughters etc!

    1. DollyHorton

      Good God, “Lawman”, talk about ‘stupid hater’, you seem to really hate the general public. I hope and pray you’re not a LEO, because if you are, you deserve to be s***-canned for writing your rant. If you ARE LEO, think about this, Sparky—people like ME pay YOUR salary and YOUR healthcare (as well as any dependents you have on your policy) and YOUR retirement benefits. In other words, you snot, you need a severe attitude adjustment because you’ve forgotten who YOU are supposed to be serving–people like ME who pay taxes to put food in YOUR mouth.

  12. B1GD

    I personally think any police dept that calls themself Men In Black need to remember what they are there for! Protect and Serve . I think I voted for the wrong person.

  13. lancetb

    As long as our local public servants defend and uphold the Constitution I don’t have a problem with these vehicles. I find it really hard to believe, though, that other means couldn’t have been found to rescue those people had our bloated federal government, which is $18 trillion in debt, not handed out battlefield weapons to small police departments like those weapons were paid for with Monopoly money. After all, there are lakes and rivers all around Conroe, so I’m guessing it would have been really easy to find a boat that would have worked just as well.

  14. TG

    Whoever said this MRAP could hold 20 people obviously has never seen one. Maybe if some were placed on the top it would carry 20 people but I believe this model holds 8 including the driver. I have to agree with those talking about the cost of maintaining this vehicle. I worked on them and using FedLog I know the cost from the crony suppliers. Prices like $1200 for a 6 foot wire loom using two 18Ga wires to repair the condenser fan on the AC. Wait until they have to replace the equalizers to keep the 24V electrical system working properly. Don’t ask about the starter. Then don’t even mention what this vehicle will do to the roads. I think this model weighs upwards of 50,000 pounds. It is not that they are that heavy but rather the number of wheels to distribute that weight. I don’t care if they are surplus there is no such thing as a free lunch. The job these trucks are acquired to do can be done just as effectively for much less cost.

  15. skyman

    SHREK IS CORRECT, on a other avenue, citizens that have never been in a situation where they themselves have used and or needed equipment like this haven’t a clue and will one day appreciate its presence when either bad weather, thugs and or gang punks appear in their neighborhood like they do every time a court decision occurs that they don’t agree as it was in Ohio recently

  16. conroe911

    Dog and pony shows are cool just not sure penis size gets in a conversation about a police vehicle ha silly smh. There are many uses for this vehicle on the civilian law enforcement side. Some of witch I pray we never see in our county.
    Some folks were willing to spend billion dollars on road expansions so a few hundred bucks a year managing a safety apparatus for public service is ok by me. Protecting the ones that protect us is a priority and if they feel this vehicle will do that then by all means use it. National night outs are a good time. The kids love these type of vehicles along with other things they get to see. So from just a PR standpoint a few hundred a year for good PR is worth having it alone not to mention the other important reasons

    But really it’s just a old used up vehicle that was being thrown away anyway might as well do something with it. Our TAX dollars built it and why throw it away. I’m giving away free dog and pony show tickets. But I’ll leave the penis thing to the little voice 1.

  17. VoiceofOne

    Not needed. It is a toy and being used once a year outside of dog and pony shows at national night out is not making use of it. Those vehicles cannot just sit idle. They have to be driven and need constant maintenance. Who do you think is paying for that? That’s right sparky, TAX DOLLARS. Law enforcement has no business with that or any drones. A dump truck bed holds twice as many and honestly who cares about comfort as long as you’re alive.

  18. bbarr

    I’m 100% for law enforcement….. a civilian law enforcement that looks like servants and protectors of its local people and not an occupying military force.
    Automatic weapons and body protection are fine……this is overkill. Send it back to Afghanistan where it belongs and get one of the local auto dealerships to donate a large 4 wheel drive SUV. That would rescue people just as well.

  19. JRinPorter

    Oh, come now, Vo1! While I, too, dislike the militarization of the police, you cannot seriously believe that a dump truck could do the same thing in a flood emergency! It isn’t just the dead weight of the thing, but that it has room for 20-people INSIDE, warm and dry, that makes it the only choice. And remember, it was SURPLUS! I’d far rather see it put to good use instead of being scrapped, or, worse yet, sold to a member of the public with a screw loose. Google Marvin Heemeyer and see what I mean.

    That is all.

  20. VoiceofOne

    Puhlease! Those are nothing more than toys. Being used once every few years doesn’t justify maintenance and upkeep which I can assure you on the MRAP is MUCH more than 74.45. You want to rescue people? Okay. What about the fleets of dump trucks and heavy vehicles that the county commissioners have? Dog and pony show to somehow “prove” that this type of stuff is needed because “if we don’t get it someone else will”. Nope not buying it. That stuff is just an attempt to shore up feelings of inadequacy in the penis department.

  21. Shrek

    The same people pushing the anti police agenda want this equipment taken away. That same group would be saying that the government left them behind had that small town not had the needed equipment to save them.

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