For the past several months Willis Police have had to keep an eye on a new massage parlor that opened in town. Relax Center  opened in the 400 block of West Montgomery Street.

Several business owners had complained and on November 7, 2013 an undercover went into the business and was charged sixty dollars for a massage.

On January 13, 2014 the undercover officer once again was able to go in and get a massage after several more complaints and Crime Stoppers tips.

With several more complaints coming in, Willis Police Detective Nelson contacted the Texas Department of State Health Services to check on the license status of owner Yabin Bi, 44, of 9115 Bellaire Blvd. in Houston.. They advised   Detective Nelson no such license existed.

A warrant was issued for her arrest

Last Thursday, armed with a warrant officers arrested Bi and placed her in the Montgomery County Jail, she was charged with massage therapy license/owner violation.

The next day Bi  was released from jail. However, instead of either attempting to get licensed or shutting her doors , she went right back to work.

On Monday after talking with several patrons of the business  police moved in again and arrested Bi for the same charge Bi was furious but was once again placed in the Montgomery County Jail on a charge of massage therapy license/owner violation.

She has once again bonded out.




Bi, YabinBi, Yabin


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  1. I was there

    I worked in the little center where this shop was. And ever since I saw it open me as well as other employees thought there was something more going on in there. On many occasions the woman pictured above would just walk around the parking lot with a cell phone to her ear. Almost everyday I saw this. And her cloths were not something u would expect a massage person to have. She would where short skirts and short white dresses just wondering around. And what was really creepy is she would peak around the corner into the windows of our store. On 2 occasions I saw a red semi truck pull up and be there for about an hour and then leave. And one of my co workers saw this woman get in a car with a man and then return later that day. Maybe just a friend, but with everything I have seen there was more going on in there than just massages without a license. I believe there was prostitution going on inside. And I’m glad she got locked up a few times. Who knows. Maybe there at little girls being used inside. and besides its bad for business to have a weird looking woman walking around the parking lot.

  2. LocalDrifter

    Not operating with a valid State of Texas Massage license via department of health & cosmetology. Complaints from surrounding business about a slimey business attracting a congregation of naer-do-wells leaving less than sanity undies in immediate environs and non proper display of mandated CAUTION: Slippery Floor signage.

  3. jackastor

    Does anyone have some more info on this? Maybe I’m not well read on Willis city ordinances but I would assume operating a business without proper licensing incurs a fine, not an arrest warrant.

    What exactly are all the “complaints” from other business owners about? Was it because she was operating without a license? How would they know and why would they care? Was she giving happy endings? Who complains about that?

    Not defending the accused here, just trying to get a better idea what happened.

  4. Rowdy

    And she is bonded out yet again! My question is how do you expect her to pay all the fines and stuff if you don’t let her work? I mean you know where she is!! I think the undercover officer didn’t get his happy ending so went back for seconds!

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