Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constables Office is charged with the Lake Conroe Lake Patrol. This weekend all five boats are out monitoring boater safety and looking for intoxicated boat operators.

In addition to the crews this weekend, a Montgomery County Hospital District supervisor is riding as part of the crew,

in an emergency they are right there on the scene instead of having to wait for a medic to arrive at the docks from a land base and then travel by boat to the scene.

Another difference this year almost parallels the summer of 2011 when Lake Conroe was down. As of today Lake Conroe is down by more than 4 feet. This is quite evident on the popular Ayers Island where the normally 6 foot water is only inches deep with sand bars extending out.

Even the Game Wardens and Lake Patrol Officers are forced to climb a ladder to get from their boats to the dock.

Saturday was quite uneventful as there were only 2 calls for assistance and neither were life threatening.

Just before 6 pm a Texas Parks and Wildlife Crew attempted to stop a boat after it past them at a high rate of speed as they were checking another boat. . That boat fled and tried to out run the Game Wardens, soon all Precinct 1 boats entered into to the pursuit which ended at the boat ramp in Walden. There the boat operator was cited for a boat registration issue and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

The extra patrols will continue through the holiday weekend.



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