MCHD to participate in Shattered Lives at Splendora High School Next Week

Montgomery County Hospital District EMS Field employees and administration volunteers will participate in Shattered Lives 2018 at Splendora High School. It is a two-day event aimed to show students the real-life consequences of poor decision making, which can include distracted driving or impaired driving. It begins at 8 a.m. at Splendora High School.

Shattered Lives is an operation that includes a simulation of a multiple-car accident with fatalities. Realistic moulage techniques are applied; real-life response strategies are used. An Air Medical helicopter is even used to transport a critically injured student to the hospital.

Shattered Lives personnel and volunteers put in hours of work acting as grim reapers, reading obituaries, performing hospital transports, funeral home transports, and isolating teenagers from friends and families for a full 24-hours. Participating students are asked to write about and reflect on what poor decisions could mean in impacting the lives of people around them.  

MCHD will continue to play a pivotal role in shattered lives with the intention of helping students make smarter decisions on the road. View the Conroe High School Shattered Lives recap for and in-depth look on the immediate impact the event has on students and parents. For more information on Shattered Lives Montgomery County visit

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