August 19, 2022 2:46 pm

Posted: 5.9.2013 17:08


On September 2,  at 11:30pm MCSO Patrol District 5 deputies initiated an investigation into the reports of narcotics activity in the 16400 block of Hwy 105 just west of Conroe.

Deputies stopped a motorcycle that was driving through the parking lot of a storage facility. Deputies found that the motorcycle had been reported stolen and the driver, Chester Nagel (10-01-1975) was arrested. During the investigation deputies found over 100 grams of methamphetamine in the Nagel’s possession and that the suspect had a storage unit in the storage facility. Searching the storage unit deputies did not find additional illegal substances but found an entry way through loose paneling into the adjoining storage unit.

Inside the second storage unit deputies could see various types of drug paraphernalia. Deputies notified the Sheriff’s Office Special Investigative Unit. Investigators with SIU found inside the second storage unit a small amount of methamphetamine, small baggies and an electric scale. The second storage was rented by Anthony Granados (08-15-1979), who was incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail on other charges.

Arrested: Chester Nagel – Manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance

Anthony Granados – Charged with possession of a controlled substance

The value of the narcotics is estimated at $9,000.



               ANTHONY GRANADOS                                         CHESTER NAGEL