MCSO debuts a different kind of “hybrid”


Proving that things are not always as they appear, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office unveiled a special new DWI enforcement vehicle on Friday, following the annual awards ceremony. From the rear, the car appears to be a yellow taxi cab, but the front it is obviously a fully equipped MCSO patrol vehicle.

Sheriff Tommy Gage gladly braved the cold rain to pose for photos with the car, which was his idea and was funded from his agency’s annual budget.

“This vehicle is to be used in DWI enforcement, which we’ve been doing since I went into office,” Gage said. “The actual car will be used in the STEP program, starting this weekend through holidays.”

“We want to remind people they have a choice,” he said. “We want them to go out and have a good time over the holidays, but we want them to get home safe.”

“Should you feel like you’re impaired, don’t take that chance, and call a cab,”Gage said, “Because if you don’t, you’ll be coming to the Montgomery County Jail.”

The Sheriff smiled broadly as he said the car was “worth every nickel.”

The unusual patrol car made its debut Friday night as the No Refusal weekend began, driven by Sgt. Brice Herring, who gave an intoxicated woman the first official ride in the backseat.


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