MCSO Livestock Unit Seizes 5 Horses

On July 23, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office livestock deputies responded to a report of cruelty to livestock at a residence in the 7700 block of Bryan Lane in Montgomery. A patrol deputy first noticed the horses’ condition and reported it to the MCSO Livestock Unit.

Livestock deputies contacted the owners and saw three horses that appeared to be in an advanced state of malnourishment. The deputies conducted an evaluation, as is standard procedure, and left the owner with a notice of recommendations regarding animal care. The owners complied at first, having a veterinarian visit the horses and provide strict feeding and care instructions.

On October 9, livestock deputies returned to the location for follow-up. Upon arrival, it was immediately apparent the owners were no longer complying with the veterinarian’s recommendations, with all three horses showing obvious signs of decline. Deputies determined the owners had been given sufficient opportunity and time to provide proper care for the horses but failed to do so. The deputies completed a seizure warrant, signed by Judge Matt Masden.

Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took possession of the five seized horses and transported them to their facility for evaluation and care until a seizure hearing can be held.

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