December 3, 2022 3:48 pm

Posted: 23.12.2017 22:00

MCSO Message: Prevent Vehicle Burglaries

Many of the burglaries of thefts from motor vehicles happened to owners who left the property in unlocked vehicles.

We are introducing this reminders as a public safety reminder designed to help you prevent burglaries and thefts from your home, cars, or personal property. – it’s the #9PMRoutine.

We want you to get into the habit each night to make sure your vehicle along with the doors and windows to your home are locked and secure. We also want you to remove all valuables from your vehicle for the night. Especially firearms!!

As you go through your nightly routine, whether it is spending time with your family, watching your favorite television show, or reading a bedtime story, please include taking a few extra moments to make sure the doors to your home are locked and your garage doors are closed and secure.