The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office participated in Operation Fallen Hero – Operation Bombardier that was spearheaded by federal agencies. As part of Operation Fallen Hero the Sheriff’s Office joined forces with federal agencies and other local law enforcement agencies in a series of enforcement activities against those involved in a variety of illegal activities.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work cooperatively with other agencies to provide aggressive delivery of services to the citizens of Montgomery County. Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage said, “The Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team works with our federal and state colleagues to track down violent offenders to bring them to justice and our narcotics team work within federal joint taskforces and target narcotic runners to shut down illegal activities.”

Sheriff Gage also said that, “The Sheriff’s Office works with other law enforcement agencies at all levels to investigate Drug Trafficking Organizations, and transnational gangs involved in a variety of illegal activities.”

The recent murder of ICE Special Agent Zapata, in Mexico, and the wounding of another, as well as the recent shooting of an HPD Officer are graphic reminders of the violent nature of some of the criminal organizations within the borders of the United States.

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