Monday night was the monthly meeting for the Montgomery County Concerned Citizens. It was held at Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Jason Dunn’s courtroom. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Captain Tim Cannon was the guest speaker. He discussed several topics but also announced that Sheriff Rand Henderson has, among the new deputies for the new budget year added sixteen new deputies to East Montgomery County. East Montgomery County Lt. Joe Senn praised the sheriff for the move stating it was the first time since he has been with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that so many additional deputies have been assigned to the east side Cannon said with East Montgomery County growing at a faster pace then the rest of the county it was needed. He told residents who attended he would like to go back to the old days where people knew who their neighbors are and know who the deputies are assigned to their area. He also discussed what he called the “Broken Window Effect” in which a neighborhood starts to decline. One day a window is broken, then another, then the graffiti. Pretty soon the resident wants to avoid the area as it starts its decline. He asked residents to help stop this before it starts. Make phone calls when you see areas start going downhill, report suspicious activity and drug activity. Crime Stoppers is the greatest tool to report tips without giving your name of information. He also talked about internet crimes and technology. When asked how many in the room used Facebook or Instagram almost no hands went up. He warned about how much information you put on the internet. An example was a person on a trip posting photos, the bad guys see the photos. They get on the internet and find where that person lives. A simple knock on that door confirms where that person says they are. The next thing they do is go around the back door, kick it in and clean out the house. You return from your wonderful trip to all your possessions gone.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Chief Deputy Welch gave his report on the flooding and how difficult it was with islands in different places. Having to rescue people from the flood. Take them from their homes in the Splendora area. Then move them to an island at the PopIn Mart on FM 2090 in Splendora where they were transferred to another boat and moved further don the road. Then put on another craft to cross the swift Peach Creek at 59 and end up at the Splendora Chevron. From there transfer the victims to Splendora School buses to get them out of the area. He said they now have the task of repairing some of the high water vehicles which had some damage during the storm. Also, several boats which were used during rescues and damaged in the swift water. Some damage due to one crash and others hitting unseen objects under the water such as mailboxes.

Porter Fire Chief confirmed much of what Welch said and told the group his department was involved in over 800 rescues. Some by high water vehicles, some by helicopter and some by boat. He too has several of his high water trucks in need of repair now. Many asked about FEMA. Since the area was declared a disaster area where is FEMA stationed. As of yet FEMA has not set a location to work out of but is expected to be announced soon. The Red Cross is currently assisting victims and is set up at the library in East County. Also, Chief Johnson would be interested in speaking with any recent Military Veterans who are familiar with the mechanics and systems of the newer military vehicles. Unlike the older trucks, the new electrical systems are something to contend with and there are very few that know how to work on them.

Judge Dunn announced a Teen Court which is starting this week. Students will learn from defense attorneys, prosecutors, and court staff what is involved in court cases. When complete they will hold a court session where they will hear cases of their peers and be able to hand down community service sentences. He said it is much like the Citizen’s Police Academy’s which are offered by Precinct 4 Constable Hayden, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery County District Attorneys Office, Texas DPS and the FBI.


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