Splendora Independent School District hired Police Chief Rex Evans at the beginning of the summer, and Chief Evans held a swearing in ceremony on Monday for his officers. Chief Evans, who began his law enforcement career in Harris County, where he served for 15 years before being hired by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office where he served as Chief Deputy. Cleveland I.S.D. later hired Evans as their Chief of Police. Evans made great strides in improving security at CISD schools, not only from a manpower perspective, but by addressing all safety issues. Evans increased the presence of officers and made sure they were properly trained and evaluated security and made changes down to the minute details that can make life-saving differences, such as improved door locking mechanisms. He also hosted and conducted active shooter training in CISD schools, including multiple area law enforcement agencies in the exercises to make it as realistic as possible. Evans conducted the same sort of training in Splendora ISD earlier in the summer.

Chief Evans handpicked his Splendora ISD Police Department. His second in command is Sgt. M.K. Haver, who was a sergeant with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, and began her career in law enforcement as Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Officer C. Kampf was a Madisonville Police Department Patrol Officer who has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and seven years experience as an Investigator with Child Protective Services. She also reads, writes, speaks and understands Spanish.

Officer D. Mosley is a decorated combat Veteran USMC, who worked under Evans’ command at Cleveland ISD PD as the assigned Jr. High officer.

Additionally, Evans brought someone on board who will be familiar to many. Officer P. Minchew-Stewart. Minchew-Stewart is an EMC native, and worked as an insurance agent and as a court clerk for Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace (and Commissioner-Elect) James Metts, before leaving to pursue her dream of becoming a law enforcement officer. She was a reserve officer for Patton Village Police Department before going to work full time for Chief Evans at CISD. Despite her local history, more people will likely remember her from a June 2017 incident when the off-duty officer was on a commercial flight from LA to Houston and another passenger began to behave strangely and rambling incoherently before trying to open the cabin door, thousands of feet in the air. Minchew tackled and subdued the woman, which made national news, with other passengers calling her a “hero.”

Monday’s ceremony was attended by SISD Board Members, heads of other area law enforcement and fire agencies, elected officials, and many others. Evans said everyone taking the oath of office “definitively knows, they have, by Oath of Affirmation, committed to an extremely serious endeavor – to protect, defend and build positive relationships with the students, faculty and staff of our Splendora ISD!”

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