After a lengthy narcotics investigation a search warrant was obtained on a home on Ruth Drive in New Caney. Judge Metts signed the warrant just after midnight and The Men In Black suited up and hit the streets. In the quiet of the night they surrounded the home of Benjamin Rodriguez, 25, and forced entry. Inside they found Rodriguez and his wife along with an infant sound asleep and undisturbed by the noise. On the kitchen counter a shrine of sorts of Jesus Malverde who is also known as the Narco-Saint was surrounded by candles, money and jewelry. Also on the kitchen counter close to $2000 in cash.

An extensive search of the mobile home yielded drugs throughout the home. A ceiling fan held packages of cocaine. Inside the closet of the baby’s bedroom which was full of baby clothes was a secret compartment that extended through the wall to the bathroom. Inside this cavity they discovered a lock box containing more drugs.

In all 61.6 grams of cocaine, 11.16 ounces of marijuana and an assortment of pills were found.

Rodriguez has was arrested and jailed on a charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance, a first degree felony and Possession of Marijuana, a state jail felony.

CPS was notified of the child being in the residence.


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