On August 25, 2013 a golf cart was stolen in East Montgomery County. Several days later it was recovered and Montgomery County Precinct 4 deputies began to look further into the suspects responsible.

Friday afternoon warrants were issued for two of those suspects. Deputies also had information that they were responsible for several other cases including possibly breaking into vehicles.

Precinct 4 deputies fanned out looking for the duo and within 2 hours both were in custody.

Arrested were Dallas Kain Swartz, 18, of  New Caney and Michael Layke Rains, 17, of 15451 FM 3083 in Conroe.

According to Constable Hayden and the history of the two and the fact that they lived in such close proximity to the hundreds of vehicles parked in lots for the East Montgomery County Cook-off these thieves needed to be apprehended as soon as possible.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    White Boys Can’t Steal Soon to be a major motion picture starring two of Montgomery County’s favorite sons. I’m curious to see if his booking photo has a smile as large as the one on his T shirt. Law enforcement is quite fashionalbe with their CONSTABLE shirts. The bad guys need to be paraded to jail in black shirts sporting CRIMINAL across the front for those people unable to determine the obvious difference.

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