Men in Black were cuffing and stuffing… and towing


Thursday night was the first time the Pct. 4 office of Constable Rowdy Hayden participated in the coordinated “No Refusal” program and they were pleased with the outcome, but some holiday revelers were not too happy.

Constable Hayden said because it was the New Year’s Eve holiday, his office felt the citizens were the most vulnerable to DWI drivers, so Hayden called in all of his deputies, including reserves.

When Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney and DWI prosecution expert Warren Diepraam learned Hayden’s officers would be part of the program, he arranged a visit to the Pct. 4 office.

“I’ve heard some really good things about what’s going on here with Pct. 4, with Rowdy and his guys,” Diepraam said. “I wanted to come out and introduce myself and let them know the DA’s office supports what they’re doing, and will do whatever we can to help them.”

Diepraam spoke to the officers and presented handouts containing information about the court system and the hospitals- specifically, how they work in relation to the DWI No Refusal program and how to avoid any problems.

“We’re quickly getting a reputation for being the county in Texas where you don’t want to get stopped for drinking and driving,” Diepraam said. “Whether you like what we’re doing or not, we all win when that happens.”

The Pct. 4 Jeep was parked in front of a grocery store in Splendora, with a trailer attached that carried a crashed car and a sign reminding people of the consequences of drinking and driving.

Pct. 4 arrested four people for driving while intoxicated and one of them had four previous DWI convictions.

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During the “No Refusal” effort, Pct. 4 officers also arrested at least five people for outstanding warrants and over 10 vehicles were towed for a variety of offenses, including Pct. 4’s trademark policy, “No Driver’s License, No Insurance, No Way!” One of those was a pickup towed because of a suspected drunk driver who struck a street sign. The truck had a child safety seat in the front and the driver stated he had dropped the child off somewhere just prior to his arrest.

Pct. 4 also assisted other agencies on a variety of calls ranging from providing support at a major disturbance in a mobile home park to traffic control on the freeway following a motor vehicle collision.

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