On Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Montgomery County ESD #11 (Splendora) approved
its intent to merge/consolidate with Montgomery County ESD #7 (New Caney). The
two Districts’ have agreed to create an Executive Leadership Team consisting of two
board members from each fire district, and the Fire Chief of ESD #7, Jeff Taylor. ESD
#11 appointed Dustin Payne and Barry Welch, and ESD #7 has appointed Jan Peterson
and David Sheffield.
The Executive Leadership Team will create and develop an interlocal agreement to be
utilized during the consolidation process by both fire districts. The interlocal agreement
will be presented to each ESD board for final approval. The interlocal agreement will
remain in effect for day to day operations of the two districts until residents have the
opportunity to vote on the consolidation at a date to be named later.
“It is the goal of ESD #11 to consolidate with ESD #7 to further enhance the level of
emergency services provided to the citizens of each district by improving executive
leadership and increasing fire service professionalism and readiness within our districts”
stated Dustin Payne, ESD #11 board president. The two fire districts have been reviewing
the pros and cons of fire district merger/ consolidation for the last several months. Each
review has revealed that a merger/ consolidation would enhance the level of service to the
residents of East Montgomery County with improved response times, result in greater

administrative coordination, and better use of human resources. Overall the merger/ consolidation will provide better fire and emergency services to the tax payers.
“The consolidation of the two emergency service districts symbolizes the beginning of a new era for emergency services in East Montgomery County,” said Jeff Taylor, ESD #7 Fire Chief. “The merge of our departments will better serve the community. Our firefighters and volunteer personnel will be better trained and better equipped and our departments will be more flexible to meet the demands of the future”, Taylor said.
Over the next several months the Executive Leadership Team will work diligently to oversee a thorough and efficient transition of the ESD merger/consolidation. In the coming weeks additional information will be made available for residents to learn more of the merger/consolidation processes. For additional information regarding the merger of both fire departments please contact Fire Chief Jeff Taylor at 281.689.3112.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    Let me introduce you to Russell Henderson*. No, you’re not going to find him on any fire ground but you may find him up a pole.

    Midmorning on August 24, 2012 Houston Fire received a 911 call about apartment fire with people trapped. District 28 was dispatched and by the time he made the fire the elderly victim was discovered at ground level. When asked on how she made it out of a structure having smoke and fire showing from the second floor the victim responded that a man on a ladder brought her out.

    You see, Russell is an employee with Comcast who was doing repair at the complex that morning. He heard cries for help and saw this woman pushed to her balcony by flames and smoke, her normal escape route being blocked. He grabbed his ladder to place it against the balcony and then climbed to rescue the woman and brought her down without her suffering any significant injuries.

    Russell never spent any time in a flashover chamber or packed an 80 pound high-rise kit up seven flights of stairs but still was able to accomplish what a certified professional could do had they been at hand, but weren’t. Sure, we’d all like Cooley wielding the scalpel when a chest cutter is called for but sometimes that luxury isn’t available and you have to settle for some cub surgeon or even a pre-med monkey and his pen knife.

    The amusing part of the story is that when Ruy Lozano, HFD Captain – Public Affairs, made the scene he thanked Russell and wanted to get his story out but Russell didn’t want anyone to be told. He explained that Comcast has a rule that nobody else is supposed to be on his ladder.

    * Russell Henderson – Houston Fire 2013 Neighborhood Heroes Award recipient.

  2. LocalDrifter

    Lest you believe pinheaded thinking is only epidemic in the United States, take a look at Britain.

    A few years back they deemed it necessary to remove all fire extinguishers from apartment buildings. Their concern was that it may delay residents from fleeing a fire or improper operation of the extinguisher itself why untrained personnel.

    But a review of two residential blocks in Bournemouth has raised concerns that householders could delay their escape to tackle a blaze. There is also concern that the use of extinguishers by untrained people could add to the danger.

    Seeing as a fire has the capacity to double in size every 30 seconds, the best time to attack a trashcan fire is one minute into the blaze and not the 3 to 4 minutes it takes firefighters to reach the scene and navigate stairs to reach a fourth floor flat (British term for apartment).

  3. firefyter

    Drifter, put the bong down. Nobody in their right mind will ever believe that experience is overcome by a bathing suit. So I assume by your elementary comments you would be okay if for some reason you needed heart surgery you would be just as comfortable with the surgeon that just got out of medical school as opposed to Dr. Cooley for instance. Normally I am on the same page with you on your comments but I have to jump ship on this one.

  4. LocalDrifter

    When you have one guy running into a building with 2 years fire experience its not safe for him or the citizens.

    Tsk tsk. What’s your hang up with numbers? This a union shop, here?

    If there are no men around with 10 years under their belt a 1 year man will do.
    If there are no men around with 1 year under their belt a 24 day probie will do.
    If there are no probies around a citizen will do.

    Sure the situation may not be ideal but rescues come just the same from civilians in bathing suits as they do from senior captains two days from retirement. Rescuees never check for credentials.

  5. LOL29

    It will not kill response time. The station(s) in splendora will still be the same. Splendora needs this to keep their stations open and reaponding. If this merge doesn’t happen then response time will be much longer when splendora fire is closed and other departments are further away. Maybe someone needs to hold an open forum and educate the voters!

  6. Montgomery citizen

    Considering new caney already responds to their calls. Splendora is under staffed and under trained. The cannot afford to pay their guys. This is safer for everyone involved. When you have one guy running into a building with 2 years fire experience its not safe for him or the citizens. Splendora has lot of good guys and it has had staffing and leadership problems. They need help. This isn’t first place to merge. Dobbin and Montgomery. Willis/ panorama/ McRae lake. Magnolia bend/ river plantation. Bennett and grangerland. Its happen before and made everyone a lot safer.

  7. yukonjack


    I have seen this happen befor in a nother town here in texas .
    There were cases where families lost everything because of


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