I am truly humbled by all the comments, calls and messages. I am grateful for all the kind words…

After much reflection, while I am elated everything worked out Friday afternoon, I cannot help but think of those children in my career whom, I could not save.

An old Sergeant I knew once told me, “Son, you can’t save em all…”. Now, while I know in my heart he was absolutely right, equally, my heart still hurts, for those whom I didn’t / couldn’t save.

Sure enough, in my career, just like so many who wear a badge, I have saved some lives. I have truly been able to help some people see the light of another day. I have stood at the intersections of “The Right Place” and “The Right Time” before.

Within the last three decades, I have seen quite a bit of evil, tragedy, and heartache. Loss, pain and suffering my eyes have surely witnessed, before. I have also seen a lot of good. Like what happened on Friday, for example.

I know we can’t save em all. I get that. But, it sure doesn’t lessen the burning desire deep within my heart to have wished, I could have saved them all. Such knowledge of lives lost forevermore haunt those who take on the responsibility of being a First Responder. Those lost, those moments of tragedy in time, they come calling deep in the night for most of us, who were there.

No matter what the title…Dispatcher. Trooper. Officer. Deputy. All the way up the Chain of Command, to Chief…we, have an awesome responsibility. Fire and EMS, they are right there with us. Life Flight. E.R. personnel. Life and Death is something we all hear, see, smell and feel. Day in. Day out. And, not just in the moment of occurrence but, forevermore. There are just some things, a man cannot ever forget. No matter how hard he tries.

During my time as an ISD Chief, in three separate incidents, I have lost three students. Three. Now, there wasn’t a thing I could have done to stop what happened. What happened, happened. As the saying goes. Yet, believe me when I tell you, the sorrow of their loss, dwells within my heart every single day of my life. Always will, I reckon.

In less than two minutes time, Friday afternoon was such a profound moment in time for that family, the infant and me. In some small way, I hope we can all look back one day and say “This kid got a second chance and look what an amazing life, he has lived.”

To literally feel the infant take in a breath of air on its own. To hear it gasp and breathe…To hear it cry and see it’s beautiful eyes open, in place. If I never live another day, I truly lived, Friday afternoon.

I am grateful to God and, all the other First Responders who came so quickly. The list is just too long to print. Why, we literally filled that intersection with ambulances, cop cars, and fire trucks. I never felt like I was alone. Because of all of you. I knew you were coming just as fast and as hard as you could. And, I am eternally grateful, for all of you.

To the MCSO Dispatcher who was on the other side of my radio, you never faltered or hesitated…Thank you. Thank all of you…

Humbly and Respectfully,


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  1. DollyHorton

    Mr. Evans, I may not respond to your editorials, but I do read each and every one, and I am always humbled and deeply touched by your words. May God bless you as you have blessed so many. The world needs more men with your integrity and faith.

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