EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY– After receiving a tip regarding an active methamphetamine lab, Deputy Josh Bergland and other members of the Pct. 4 Constable’s Office went to a room at the Kingsway Inn Motel in New Caney around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, where they found two adults and a juvenile along with methamphetamine lab components as well as some finished product.

The DPS Methamphetamine Initiative Group (MIG) responded to the scene for the purpose of conducting safe collection, testing, documentation and removal of evidence.

Kerry Lee Datray, 34, of Cleveland and 38-year-old Wayne Paul Walters of Lufkin are each charged with two first degree felonies: Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance and Possession/Transport of Chemicals with Intent to Manufacture Controlled Substance. Datray also had multiple outstanding warrants from both Montgomery County and JP4.

Deputies contacted Child Protective Services who responded to the scene and took custody of the juvenile.

Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden said the arrests were one more victory for the law abiding residents of East Montgomery County.

“We received information – we acted on it quickly, and now there’s one less meth lab helping destroy lives,” Constable Hayden said. “There was also a juvenile who was removed from a very dangerous situation.”

datraykerrylee WALTERS,WAYNEPAUL

              KERRY DATRAY                                        WAYNE PAUL WALTERS

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  1. clh2691

    There is always traffic in and out of that place… I work in the area and knew there was no good going on there…you just get a gut feeling when you see people in a dump like that. It’s no Holiday Inn…That’s for sure. Glad they are off the street.

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