Just after 9pm a Montgomery County Precinct 4 spotted what appeared to be an impaired driver on Leonard Drive in New Caney. She attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver continued to the old Sam’s location on Valley Ranch before stopping. After a field sobriety test he was arrested for DWI. He was also arrested for an open warrant out of Harris County Court at Law 13 for DWI over .15 in which he failed to appear in court in April of 2018. Oregon Suaztes Tiburcio, 46. was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

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  1. Michael

    Gotta wonder about this guy’s “immigration status” with a name like that…. just saying! Everyone’s thinking it!

    So they’ll likely release him again on a personal recognizance bond….. what’re the odds he’ll show up for court though? I wonder…..

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