mib hit same house as last week-five arrests-dopE and a stolen truck

Tuesday night just after 10:00 p.m. Precinct 4 Deputies Rivera and Ballinger were dispatched to 18379 Pine Post Circle on a suspicious vehicle call. This was the same location that deputies made last week when a stolen vehicle was recovered and Michael Taylor was arrested on open warrants. The reportee advised the dispatched that a black truck puling a trailer and a brown truck pulled up and were parked on the esplanade. The dispatcher was given the license numbers and the brown truck came back stolen out of Harris County.

Deputies waited for additional units from both Precinct 4 and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to assist them. Four deputies went around the back of the house when they observed a white female exiting through a patio door followed by four other subjects.

Deputies were able to detain all five in the kitchen area at which time they were able to smell a strong odor of marijuana and located a baggie with marijuana on the counter.  One of the suspects who identified himself as Joseph Freeman had a strong odor of marijuana on him. It was later determined he had given a false name. His real name was Zackery Lane Sillyman, age 23 who now resides in Oklahoma but did live on Hayes Ranch Road in Houston. He advised he lied about his name due to outstanding misdemeanor warrants in Missouri.

Other drugs were found in a drawer in the house which was not there last week. 

When the 1988 Chevrolet truck was run it was confirmed stolen from Harris County. Randall Kent Todd who lives on FM 1484 in Cut and Shoot and his wife Marla Kaye Todd  admitted to have been in the truck and been driving it. Randall was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and his wife was charged with theft over $1,500  for having the knowledge it was stolen.

Also arrested were Dorothy L. Taylor, age 32, who is the home owner and Michael Taylor’s wife and Andrew Justice Mills, age 18, of Park Avenue in Conroe. They were charged with possession of marijuana.

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                                                          RANDALL KENT TODD


                                                    ZACKERY LANE SILLYMAN


                                                           DOROTHY L. TAYLOR


                                                             MARLA KAY TODD


                                                                   ANDREW JUSTICE MILLS

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