When Precinct 4 Constables Deputies were alerted to a vehicle that had been stolen from the River Walk Subdivision on July 16, 2010 was spotted in the Silver Trails area behind their office they started the search. After a short period of time it was spotted the vehicle. As several deputies approached it in unmarked vehicles the stolen vehicle attempted to ram Sgt. Clendennens marked unit.

As the vehicle sped down Leonard Drive another set of deputies attempted to  box him in at Penney. The vehicle cut through a yard striking the cable supporting a utility pole and continued through a ditch onto Penny Drive. From there he sped northbound toward McCleskey Drive.

At the same time Deputy Chapa was southbound on Penny and saw the fleeing vehicle heading right for him. He attempted to block it but saw that at the high speed he was running he would ram his patrol unit. He immediately turned around on the suspect and pursued him down Penny through the intersection of McCleskey. At this point the stolen vehicle went through a yard, crashed through a wooden fence and attempted to drive through an open pasture.

The one thing someone could ram that wouldn’t move was a Sweet Gum  tree and that is exactly what he did. Even with the air bag deployment and the heavy front end damage the suspect was able to flee on foot. Deputy Chapa, still in his vehicle was able to chase him to the fence line where her jumped it, ran a short distance and stopped as if taunting the deputy. He then continued running with Deputy Chapa, Lt. Seals, and others on his trail. He was caught a few hundred feet further into the woods. It was also discovered he was carrying drugs on his person and in the vehicle. Deputies found 5 grams of meth, 1/4 ounce of marijuana, a pipe and a bong. He also had an open warrant for Possession with Intent to Deliver.

Due to his injuries from the accident he was transported to Kingwood ER where he was released to the custody of the Constables just after 1am.

The vehicle, a 2007 Nissan Murano had been stolen on July 16 2010 from a residence  in River Walk. The vehicle suffered severe front end damage and windshield damage from where the fence bards almost penetrated.

The suspect was identified as Justin Lynn Miller, age 31 from the Cut and Shoot area. Miller was arrested by Precinct 4 back in February and was just released from jail last month.

He is now in the Montgomery County Jail on Evading Arrest With a Vehicle, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Possession With Intent to Deliver, Possession of Marijuana. He is currently being held on No Bond.



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