Just before 11:30pm Sunday night Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Juan Chapa was patrolling US 59 near Splendora with his K-9 partner Porter. As he approached Splendora he spotted a tan Dodge Mangum which was northbound in the left lane just approaching the construction area.  Deputy Chapa noticed the license plates on the car were not visible and that what appeared to be paper tags covered in plastic were being displayed. The plates showed to be Louisiana tags.

Chapa continued to follow as there was not a place in the construction area to make a safe traffic stop. He also observed the vehicle to remain in the left lane forcing vehicles to pass him in the right lane. Once the construction area was cleared Deputy Chapa attempted to pull the Dodge over. The driver continued driving until they reached Fostoria Road at which time he pulled over.

AS he approached the vehicle and asked for identification and insurance. The driver, Frank Henson Moore, age 28 who was actually from Leesville, Louisiana handed Chapa an Alaskan Identification card.

The passenger Frank Henson Coleman, age 47 of Leesville, Louisiana told Chapa they were returning to Louisiana after dropping his wife off at Bush Airport for a trip north.

When Chapa contacted the dispatcher he was advised both men had been handled before on drug charges. He then returned to the men standing behind the vehicle and ask permission to search the vehicle he was told they would not give him permission as they didn’t know what might be in the car.

Chapa then brought his K-9 partner Porter out and walked around the vehicle. It was at this point Porter detected something and a search was conducted of the vehicle. As Chapa looked under the front passenger seat he discovered a purple plastic bag. As he opened it he discovered what appeared to be cocaine.

Both men were arrested and transported to the East Montgomery County jail. Slinky’s Wrecker Service towed the vehicle.

Once at the office the drugs were weighed and totaled 797 grams which is almost two kilos.

Both men have been charged with Aggravated Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver. Since both had prior histories on large drug seizures their bond was set at $500,000 each.



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                                             FRANK HENSON COLEMAN


                                       FRANK HENSON MOORE


                                   PORTER KEEPING AN EYE ON THE COCAINE


                               DEPUTY CHAPA WITH PORTER


                                    PORTER GUARDS HIS FIND

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