MIB SERVING WARRANT RECOVER STOLEN VEHICLE from man previously arrested for hiding drugs on his small child during a traffic stop

taylor,michaelEarly Thursday morning Precinct 4 Corporal Looza and Deputy Lambert  were attempting to serve a felony warrant at a two story home at 18397 Pine Post Court in the Cumberland Subdivision which is in the Porter area. When they arrived they called for additional  units to cover the other entrances around the home. Not getting an answer by knocking they found the back door to be open and made entry. They discovered most of the home had no lights working but some areas did. In the garage they found a 2007 Yukon that had been stripped of it’s seats and wheels and sitting on blocks. They also discovered  an extension cord running from the residence next door to the home.

Since the yard was fenced the deputies contacted the neighbors and gained access into their yard. They then discovered the extension cord was hooked to the air conditioner disconnect panel  outside their home and had been stealing electricity since their power had been turned off several weeks back.

When the vehicle registration was run it was found to have been stolen from Jersey Village the day before.

As the deputies were about to leave a blue Nissan drove into the cul-de-sak . Spotting the suspect they were looking for in the passenger seat  Lt. Seals ordered the vehicle to stop. It slowed but did not stop, once again he ordered it to stop, put the vehicle in park and turn it off. The vehicle finally stopped but refused to turn it off. As deputies approached the driver attempted to put it in gear again with several deputies in front of the vehicle Deputy Looza tased the suspect as other deputies took Michael Taylor into custody. Taylor was transported to the Montgomery County jail for the warrant and an additional charge of theft as the stolen vehicle was in his garage.

The driver of the Nissan was also arrested and charged with interfering, he was identified as Thomas Daniel Hogan.

Deputies also attempted to locate Taylor’s girlfriend Michelle Vanham as she had an open felony warrant also but neighbors said they had not seen her there in awhile.

Hargrave Wrecker Service spent over an hour attempting to get the Yukon out of the garage. The SUV, being just inches narrower had to put on wood skids and a floor jack to guide it out. There was not even enough space on the passenger side to put replacement wheels or tires on.

This is not the first time for Taylor being arrested by Precinct 4. In August of 2009 One of the Precinct 4 deputies stopped Taylor on a traffic offense. Taylor and two others were in the vehicle along with Taylor’s 8-year-old son. Detecting possible narcotics by the way the suspects responded to questions additional units were requested for backup.

A Precinct 4 K-9 unit, trained in narcotics detection alerted on the vehicle indicating the possible presence of illegal drugs, and officers searched the vehicle, but found nothing.

Lt. Seals said each of the three men gave officers consent to search their person, which also yielded nothing. However, a discussion between the lieutenant and the vehicle’s fourth occupant landed Taylor in jail.

Taylor’s 8-year-old son seemed “nervous and upset,” which was to be expected, but after no drugs were found despite the alert of the trained canine, Seals thought there might be more to it. He asked the child if anyone in the car requested he hold or hide something.

Seals said the boy dropped his head and looked down, at which point Taylor became belligerent and officers had to restrain him.

It was then that the young boy took two small bags from his pockets, telling officers he had what they were trying to find. He later told investigating officers it was Taylor, his own father, who had him put the two bags of dangerous drugs in his pocket when Sharp initiated the traffic stop.

One bag contained 7 grams of methamphetamine, and the other contained around 2 grams of cocaine.

At the time of Taylor’s arrest, Hayden expressed his outrage and said he believed Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon would share his view.


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