Acting on a search warrant the MIB including Constable Hayden ran a search warrant at 24184 S. Spears Road which is near Loop 494. As  they approached they saw one person got to a neighboring home.

Using a ram they made their grand entry and immediately scooping up Richard Cox, age 32. All in unlabeled bottles. Along with scooping him up they removed 215 hydrocodone, 130 soma and 6 zanax. 

It had been learned by them that pills were being sold out of the home.

Outside Michael Shane Armer, 37 of Willis was the man walking to the neighboring home. He was arrested for an outstanding Child Support warrant

As he was being arrested by Deputy Looza he smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the home. Deputy Berglad spoke with Cody Stine, 20 who lived at 24176 S.Spears. He told  Deputy Bergland that he had smoked some earlier but flushed it when he realized deputies were next door. Stine gave him permission to search the home where Bergland found a small bag of marijuana on a table just inside the front door. He also found a Mossburg shotgun.

Stine was arrested for felon in possession of a firearm since he had been previously convicted of a felony.

All three were transported to the Montgomery County Jail. Stine was booked with a $6000 bond and Richard Cox with a $11,500 bond.

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