About 3:15pm a Chevrolet pickup rear ended a Toyota SUV in the U-turn lane at SH 242 going from I-45 northbound to I-45 southbound. Both drivers got out to inspect the damage. That is when the driver of the black pickup pulled a knife and stabbed the driver of the SUV. The driver of the SUV then returned to his vehicle and retrieved a .380 and fired several times into the ground. The truck was not hit. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constables Office responded. According to Precinct 3 Captain Dan Zientek the victim who was stabbed was taken to Hermann Hospital with non life threatening injuries. Both drivers are being detained as the investigation continues. The southbound feeder of I-45 has since reopened as traffic was quite heavy during the investigation. Precinct 3 Investigators are asking for anyone who witnesses the incident to contact the Precinct 3 Constables Office at 281-364-4211 or 936-539-7813.

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  1. bbarr

    I’ll agree that most of the guys in these type trucks are arrogant self absorbed highway bullies.
    BUT… the ones that take the prize are the punkazz metrosexuals driving the Scions or mini coopers. They are far worse when it comes to speeding and driving like total idiots.

  2. WoodlandsDude

    Toyota driver needs to trade his little .380 for a .45 and learn why one packs heat and when and how to shoot. It’s 2 in the center of the chest and 1 in the head, not several into the ground. Chevy truck driver needs about 40 years in the pen. He can tell all of his boyfriends (and by the looks of his skinny white trash self he will be making lots of new friends there) all about the jacked-up ultra-macho truck he had back when he was free, roaming the highways looking for someone to stab. Truck guy: “Yeah, my truck had a huge lift kit and …” Boyfriend: “I don’t care about your truck, now assume the position.”

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