Just before dark two 15-year-old females from Splendora became lost along Peach Creek south of FM 2090. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded with multiple units as did Splendora Police, EMC Fire, and MCHD. The dispatchers had the phone and were able to pinpoint their location. Several attempts were made to get back to them but thick brush or fences prevented it. DPS was notified and within 10-minutes had the helicopter overhead. Within 30 seconds of the arrival of the helicopter, the girls were spotted. The helicopter crew then guided the first responders in from A-1 Mobile Homes on US 59. The girls were able to cross the creek and were brought out. Medics evaluated both. They were released to their families.

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  1. Michael

    @WtfNtx76 “The dispatchers had the phone” is an awkward way of saying the girls had at least 1 cell phone with them I think. So the girls knew they were lost and were calling for help.

    I’m glad Scott posted this, I was driving thru Splendora last night and was alarmed to see the police helicopter going around in circles with the big spotlight on and all the flashing police and EMS lights out in those mobile home sales parks beside the freeway….. I was like, what on earth has happened now? Good response and great outcome though!

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