Late Saturday night an elderly female with altered mental status went missing in a rural area of west Montgomery County off Alford Lane.

The female went walking out in the woods with her dog which she has done in the past. This time the only thing that returned was her dog which she had turned loose from it’s leash when she fell.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was notified and a search was started. Deputies looked throughout most of Saturday night. Montgomery County Search and Rescue was notified and they also responded with a team of trained search and rescue volunteers. Late Sunday morning she was found lying in a muddy pasture almost two miles from her hoe. She was transported to Tomball Regional Hospital in stable condition by Montgomery County Hospital District.

Montgomery County Search and Rescue is a non-profit group here in Montgomery County which recently spend almost a week assisting in the search for Dennis Rogers in 43,000 acres of woods in Liberty County. They have been called on many times for both land and water searches in Montgomery County and surrounding counties.

To read more about them or make a donation go to their website:

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  1. mlg1969

    I will try this again… I do not mean to be ugly; but i think that old people should be watched over just like children! I also feel that if they have a drivers license, they should have a eye test just to make sure that they can see when they drive..;. I have a hard time seeing at night, that is why i stay home, just imagine them…..I didnt mean to get off the subject, sorry!!!! point is,,,, the elderly should have someone watching them like children do

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