November 26, 2022 6:56 am

Posted: 3.9.2013 10:28


DPS has released the name of the man killed in the Monday night fatal crash on SH 249 just north of Woodtrace. He is identified as Stephen Wayne Novacec, 24 of Bryan, Texas.

Novacec was ejected just before the vehicle burst into flames. One think that troopers are still investigating is the fact that his seat belt was still buckled after the fire. Due to the intensity of the blaze it was impossible to determine if he was wearing it properly or it was buckled behind him.

According to witnesses Novacec was traveling northbound at a high rate of speed. When he reached the point of three lanes merging to one he struck the curb, lost control and hit the tree and power pole.

This has been the second fatal crash since 2009 at the same location.