Every now and then we may come across something that could save our readers some money. After losing the key FOB (remote) for a GM SUV I contacted the dealer and learned it was going to cost over $200 for the remote and to have it programmed. Then thanks to Joedez, a wrecker driver in Houston, he told me about soe places in Houston that can do it less. Thursday I drove down Hardy Toll Road to Little York then a short drive to the northeast corner of Airline and Little York. A small portable building in the parking lot. Keys Dixon has every key and remote you can think of. Without any remotes he was able to program 2 remotes and make a copy of a computer chip key all for only $150. The remotes with program is $50 and keys are $50. The entire process took 15 minutes from the time I got there until I left. He also replaces door handles on cars while you wait. His English is a little broken but was easy to deal with.

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  1. racerx

    Beware of this. I lost keys the other day to a ford and called a company out for help. When they tried to program the new key they fried the computer in the car. they would not accept responsibility and it is sitting in a ford dealership for repairs. Would have been MUCH cheaper to tow to ford and have them program keys correctly.

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