montgomery county animal shelter intakes for 2/4/2013

PictureWho wants a cuddly teddy bear like Miss A206643? Isn’t she just adorable? And she is sure to grow up to be a stunning beauty! But she will need a foster home or an adopter to save her – puppies with their little immune systems do not fare well in the shelter. Please help her or another one of our young babies if you can. 
DAILY STATS: Animal Received 02/04/2013: 22 cats, 48 dogs 
Animals Adopted, Rescued, Fostered or Returned to Owner 02/04/2013: 3 cats, 25 dogs
Animal Count for 02/05/2013: 218 cats, 410 dogs
INQUIRIES? Email [email protected] with ID. 
Please donate toward the care of our animals:


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  1. LocalDrifter

    Animal Count for Feb 5: 218 cats, 410 dogs

    OK, folks, go rescue yourself a critter or two & stake out a respectable corner. I doubled my daily take after leashing a 3 legged shelter dog to my ankle while looking hungry and pitiful at 149 & Jackson Rd. If they’d let me adopt Buck, I figure I could be eating both Macaroni WITH Cheese for dinner at night.

    (Notice Buck’s incomprehensible story has breached the boundaries of Montgomery County)

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