Montgomery County Public Health District, in conjunction with the Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, can confirm hospitalizations for COVID-19 are nearing peak levels in Montgomery County. The vast majority of new cases and essentially all hospitalizations are in those who are unvaccinated. We strongly encourage you to be vaccinated for COVID-19 if you have not done so already. Even if you contract COVID-19 after vaccination, the chances of severe illness, hospitalization and death are extremely low. Only 49 percent of eligible Montgomery County residents are vaccinated. Need to find a vaccine? Click here:

Since our August 2nd report, we can confirm a sharp rise in new COVID-19 cases.

TOTAL cases of COVID-19 increased by 889 to 60,941 since last Monday’s (8/2) report. Of the 889 new cases, 58 are under the age of 12 and not eligible for vaccination.

Today, we added 3 confirmed reinfections bringing the total to 26. TX DSHS defines reinfection as a case with two positive PCR tests at least 90 days apart, with no consecutive tests in between. You can find more information on reinfection here:

ACTIVE cases of COVID-19 increased by 767 to 4,219 since last Monday’s (8/2) report.

157 county residents are known, as a result of contact investigations, to be in the hospital. Contact investigations have not been initiated on all reported cases.

30,742 people have clinically recovered.

The Testing Positivity Rate for Montgomery County has increased to 19%, up from 17% on Monday.