Montgomery County DA Recognized by MADD

Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon, was honored  at the MADD Southeast Texas Take the Wheel Law Enforcement Ceremony in downtown Houston. The ceremony is dedicated to recognizing and honoring law enforcement, prosecutors, and judicial officers for outstanding efforts in DWI enforcement. In attendance were close to two-hundred local law enforcement and leaders, including Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage, Houston Police Department Chief McClelland, Constable Rowdy Hayden, and others. This is the fifth year of the ceremony which is funded by MADD and the Texas Department of Transportation.

In recognition of his dedication to traffic safety and his efforts to combat the most frequent crime committed in the county, Ligon received the “Policy Setter Award” from MADD. Local victim’s advocate attorney, Will Womble, was the emcee of the event. Womble recognized Ligon for creating several programs in Montgomery County that have resulted in an approximate seventy percent drop for Intoxication Manslaughter charges where innocent victims are killed by impaired drivers and three years without a boating while intoxicated fatality crash on Lake Conroe. Among Ligon’s programs noted were the No Refusal Program which is widely recognized as the national role model for DWI search warrant efforts, Ligon’s focus on violent and repeat offenders resulting in an average increase in sentencing to sixty-four years in prison for the county’s most dangerous felons, and Ligon’s policy of returning convicted criminal’s seized contraband to law enforcement. This last program has been reinvested into the law enforcement community by providing the latest crime fighting tools to Montgomery County law enforcement.


Ligon later issued the following statement thanking all those at the office and elsewhere:

“Today, on behalf of every one working for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, I accepted the Policy Setter award presented by TX Dot and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  The award is in recognition for all the hard work, sacrifice and results that all of you have been able to achieve in the last several years in helping to keep your fellow neighbors and citizens alive.

I am proud of every single one of you starting  from the ladies and gentlemen who work tirelessly in intake, to the legals who work hard every day to keep the engine running smoothly, to the investigators who diligently and doggedly pursue every case ending with the prosecutors who stand in the courtroom giving voice to victims.” 

In addition to the above award, several others were recognized from Montgomery County as well as other areas in Southeast Texas. Jason Prince of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Todd Schmaltz of the Shenandoah Police Department, and John Blackwelder of the Conroe Police Department were recognized as peace officers of the year for their efforts to remove impaired drivers from Montgomery County roadways. The Magnolia Police Department was recognized for their DWI enforcement as well as their creative traffic safety programs involving impairment and distracted driving. Lastly, Darla Faulkner was recognized as prosecutor of the year. Faulkner is a member of Ligon’s No Refusal Team and District Attorney Response Team.


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