Harvey,GeorgeLarry A Montgomery County jury handed down a life sentence about one hour ago on George Larry Harvey, age 59, of New Caney. The trial which started on Monday ended yesterday after almost six hours of deliberations and he was found guilty. Judge Lisa Michalk asked the jury to return this afternoon for the punishment phase.

The prosecutors Sherri Culberson and Adrienne Frazior were able to prove that Harvey had indeed committed the prior multiple DWI’s that he denied by using a fingerprint expert. On each of his prior convictions he was required to put his thumb print on the judgment. Those fingerprints were matched to his current prints proving it was indeed Harvey.

Harvey had a long history of DWI’s since 1984. His first in Montgomery County was on . August 20, 1984 in which he got two years probation. Again on October 28 and the again December 13, , 1984 two DWI’s.,  In May of 1991 another DWI and in April of 1995 still another. After a few years it started again with a DWI in December of 2004.

The DWI he was on trial for this time was when it was determined he was intoxicated at the time he was involved in  crash with another drunk driver at Kings Road and FM 1485. In  this accident Harvey was backing out of the driveway with no lights on when a female slammed into to him. This was the females first DWI.

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