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Posted: 23.9.2013 11:20

Montgomery County Outdoor Burning Update

Due to improving conditions and recent rainfall, the Ban on residential burning of limbs and brush has been lifted. The ban on burning garbage or rubbish remains in effect year round and cannot be lifted. Burning of rubbish or household garbage in subdivisions or on less than 5 acres is a Class C Misdemeanor with a fine up to $500. Deputy Fire Marshals continue to issue citations for illegal burning of trash and rubbish.

Conroe, Tx September 23, 2013

Current Conditions:

While Montgomery County remains in a long term drought, recent rains have lessened our fire danger. As we move into Fall, our fire danger will fluctuate dependent mostly on daily weather conditions. Continued lack of rainfall and dead vegetation from our summer drought will be cause for concern in the coming weeks and months.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office will continue to monitor changing conditions and issue warnings whenever conditions warrant. Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court will consider whether or not to reinstate the burn ban during future sessions.

Although the area remains in a long term drought, accumulations of brush can present a significant fire hazard as well. With the onset of our fall weather patterns, there is a window of opportunity for residents to dispose of brush accumulated over the past several months. Although the MCFMO recommends other means of disposal, some residents will choose to burn. Before burning, residents must check for forecast weather conditions, and refrain from burning on any days where a fire weather watch or red flag warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. Always check before burning to insure that there is not a Burn Ban in place for your area.

Burn piles may not contain any rubbish or trash, and should only contain limbs and brush gathered from the property where the burning is occurring. The burning may not cause a nuisance situation for neighbors. The MCFMO strongly discourages the burning of leaves and pine straw as the smoke often leads to violations of state air quality regulations promulgated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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