On March 15, 2016 at 5:26am the Shell Station at US 59 on the northbound feeder was burglarized by at least two males. Very good video led Montgomery County Precinct 4 and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office District 3 Detectives Division to start looking hard for the suspects. The same suspects were believed to have hit the Shell on FM 1314 and Cumberland at least five times and Fish Tales in New Caney at least four. Then Tuesday night there were more burglaries and a report that one male was injured in the burglary. In all the burglaries a stolen Jeep Compass was used. The same Jeep Compass that shortly after the Tuesday night burglary was seen speeding across the unopened Grand Parkway. Precinct 4 Deputies started checking area hospitals. As luck would have it as they walked into Memorial Northwest Hospital on Ella and North Loop 610 in Houston, Anthony Markowski came walking in. Markowski was the person they were looking for. After doctors casted his leg he was transported to the Montgomery County Jail. The doctors were familiar with Markowski as sevral weeks ago he came in with a bad gash in his groin area. Deputies today learned that that cut required 98 stitches and happened as he was breaking into Fish Tails in New Caney.

Deputies learned the identity of Rawlin Trent and that he frequented the area of Tidwell and US 59 in northeast Houston. Deputies decided to go to that area this evening and attempt to get information on where he may be located. As they turned on Tidwell they spotted the stolen Jeep in a gas station parking lot with the suspect Rawlin Trent in it. Deputies requested Houston Police back them up in case the suspect should flee. Units arrived and he was taken into custody. It was learned that he had a burglary warrant out of Harris County and was wanted by Houston Police in connection with several burglaries. In all the burglaries, cigarettes were what was targeted.

Houston Police transported him to the Harris County Jail after he admitted to most of the burglaries. A warrant will be issued in Montgomery County Thursday to eventually bring Trent back to Montgomery County to face charges once Harris County finishes with him.











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  1. summerbreeze

    My goodness! 98 stitches? Just what did Anthony shag while breaking into Fish Tales? Sounds like they had to stitch something back on! There’s gonna be some swelling there! I can’t believe I said that, I’m leaving now…….

  2. DollyHorton

    Look at them. This is why you can’t trust anyone. Not one single person. The black guy looks decent, and so does the white guy. Clean, not covered in tattoos. These could be normal guys but they’re felons. It doesn’t matter how nice looking or clean cut people are. You can’t trust anyone, period.

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