Monday night while on patrol near Vick and FM 1485 a Montgomery County Precinct 4 deputy stopped a male and female on traffic. As he approached the vehicle he spotted a loaded gun on the seat next to the male. Both the male and female were removed from the vehicle. Kisha Marie Gomez, 7/1/77, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. She is now in the Montgomery County Jail on a $3,000 bond. Eugene Earnest Jones, 3/5/81, of Baytown was arrested for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon with a total of $53,000 in bonds. He is also held on a child support warrant with no bond.

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  1. bbarr

    I’m serious as hell…….did you not see the pictures of the items on the table ? Being a previous felon ? Manufacture and delivery of drugs ?…….the idiocy is in making excuses for these dregs of society

  2. Pbuck

    You can not be serious? That simple minded approach not only shows how closed minded and idiotic people think. I’m amazed at the complete lack of education some individuals are. Let’s have a look into those who cast stones lives and then let us all says our thoughts. Might shut your mouth up a bit… just my two cent

  3. bbarr

    Good people and precious children sadly die everyday. Yet these worthless POS live to do harm and milk the system. To bad they can’t be exterminated on site.

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