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5/15/2016 – Around 1am, Pct. 4 Deputy stopped a black 4door at Summer Hills Blvd. and Sorters Rd. in Porter, TX for a traffic violation. Upon contact with the driver, the deputy detected the odor of marijuana. An investigation showed the driver, Jose Hernandez Jr., 4/30/89 from Houston, TX to allegedly be in possession of marijuana. He was arrested on the class B misdemeanor.





5/17/2016 – At 10am, a Pct. 4 Deputy made contact with Michael Richardson, 3/13/96 from Porter, TX during an investigation. It was found that Michael had an active felony warrant for his arrest. The warrant was confirmed and Michael was taken into custody.





5/17/2016 – Just after noon, a Pct. 4 Deputy was dispatched to a theft in progress at the Porter Home Depot. As the deputy was in route, Constable Hayden was in the area and detained Joseph Sweet, 9/10/80 from Conroe, TX. An investigation showed that Joseph placed items from inside the store in his pockets, then walked out of the store not paying for those items. It was also found that Joseph had an active felony warrant for his arrest. He was arrested on the alleged theft, a class B misdemeanor as well as the felony warrant.





5/17/2016 – just after 9pm, a Pct. 4 Sergeant was investigation a suspicious vehicle parked at an entrance gate of a storage company on FM 1485 in New Caney, TX. Dayna Spence, 5/26/71 from Magnolia, TX was found to have an active misdemeanor warrant. The warrant was confirmed and she was taken into custody.







5/18/2016 – Around 10am, a Pct. 4 Deputy was on pro-active patrol in the New Caney area school zone’s witnessed a yellow passenger car driving at 95MPH in the school zone on FM 1485. As the deputy tried to stop the vehicle on FM 1485, but it failed to stop and turned down Vick Road and then onto Grace Lane were it finally stopped in the 22300 blk. The driver then exited the vehicle and started to walk towards the deputy with an unknown object in his hand. The deputy ordered the subject to the ground which he finally complied. It was found that the subject had a large “vape” in his hand. During an investigation, the subject, identified as Michael Lecompte, 2/6/76 from New Caney, TX advised he was actually driving 115MPH and not 95MPH. Lecompte was arrested for the alleged Evading Arrest or Detention in a Vehicle, a 3rd degree felony.






5/18/2016 – Around 4pm, a Pct. 4 Deputy was following up on a narcotics tip about a house buying and selling narcotics in the 26900 blk of State Street in Cleveland, TX. One of the subjects on scene, Curtis Davis 8/15/66 from Livingston, TX was found to have a felony warrant. The warrant was confirmed and Curtis was taken into custody. Also a referral was made to CPS regarding the living conditions of the children that were also there.






05/18/16 – At approximately 5:30p, a Pct. 4 deputy was dispatched to an ‘attempt to locate’ a wanted person who was seen in the area of Ford Road and Mills Branch Dr. While in route, he was given information over the telephone a description of the vehicle that the wanted person was driving. The wanted person Jerry Lee Holland, was wanted for three felony warrants and one assault family violence warrant out of Montgomery County.

The deputy located the truck as it left the Quick Food Mart on Ford Rd. The vehicle then turned Eastbound on Ford Road. The deputy followed the truck to the Porter Square Apartments while waiting on another deputy. 

The deputy made contact with two males in the truck and ordered them to place their hands on the steering wheel.  At this time Holland began to get very agitated and stated, “I’m not going back to jail, you gonna have to shoot me” At this time Marc Bane, the passenger, attempted to calm Holland down and physically fought with Holland over the keys to the ignition. 

Upon Holland gaining control of the keys and reinserting them into the ignition, Holland once again stated that he wanted the deputy to shoot him.  Bane then exited the vehicle saying, “I’m not gonna get involved in this”, placed his hands in air.  This is when Holland turned the wheel sharply to the right, backed up quickly, and attempted to strike the deputy with the front of the driver’s side of the vehicle. The deputy quickly back peddled and began to lose his balance on a large concrete sign. Holland then drove forward at a high rate of speed, driving over curb and grass, then Westbound on Ford Road. 

Holland then traveled at high speeds, drove on the wrong side of the road, side swiped a minivan, and after approximately four miles was able to elude the depth on foot after he drove down a pipe line and a large muddy yard where the deputies patrol vehicle could not follow. 

After the assistance of the DPS Helicopter, three HCSO K-9 units, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and pinging Holland’s cell phone, Holland was located just before 11pm. Holland was located specifically with the assistance of HCSO K-9 “DARK”, and his handler Deputy Graves.  

Holland was arrested on the alleged Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant and Evading Arrest in a Motor Vehicle charges as well as the outstanding warrants and transported to the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe, Texas.  Holland received a total bond of $525,000. 

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