Just after 1:30 a.m. Kelly Flanagan, age 26 of Spring  was eastbound on Rayford Road at a high rate of speed. She was talking to her friend on the cell phone when she crashed into the two railroad crossing signal posts and gates which were up at the time. One of the gates was thrown almost one hundred feet. Her vehicle continued east in a side skid before flipping and landing in the ditch just past Lazy Lane. Her friend was still on the phone, hearing the crash and not getting an answer on the open line she contacted 911.

Others who came up on the accident already called and MCHD along with South Montgomery County Fire Department responded. She was trapped in the upside down vehicle still in her seatbelt.  South Montgomery County Fire Department had to remove the door to access the victim.

DPS Troopers arrived on the scene and after learning she was deceased contacted Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace Matt Masden to respond to the scene as Judge Connelly was unavailable. He ordered an autopsy.

As this was unfolding the family had started a search for the young lady which ended when they pulled up on the crash scene.

DPS Troopers say the speedometer was locked at ninety miles per hour. Although sometimes that is not an accurate reading in a crash they say she was still traveling at a high rate of speed when she struck the crossing. They say alcohol was a factor in the crash also.

As the scene was investigated crews from the railroad arrived on the scene to start assessing damage and calling crews in to start repairs. A train could be seen stopped on the tracks at a distance. Railroad officials say until the signals are up to 100% again which could be late Sunday, all trains traveling across the intersection must come to a complete stop first before continuing. Estimate of railroad equipment is close to $80,000 to $100,00. The crossing arm posts are seven feet in the ground in concrete and the base of the post was actually moved almost a foot.


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