Montgomery County Resident Arrested after Discovery of Bomb Making Materials in his home

Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Squad and Hazmat Teams respond to investigate Friday afternoon after explosives components found in home that was the scene of recent SWAT stand-off

Friday afternoon, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home in the 600 block of Bellingrath Park south of Conroe. This home was the scene of a SWAT standoff earlier this month. During that standoff, which lasted 5 hours, SWAT deployed gas and negotiators convinced the occupant, Daniel J. Subach to exit the home and surrender peacefully. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for threatening his family with a firearm. He was released on a 100,000 bond and had been staying at an area hotel since the incident.

A clean-up crew was working in the home Friday when workers discovered what they believed to be dangerous chemicals and called 911. Upon their arrival, Sheriff’s Deputies secured the scene and requested the Montgomery County Bomb Squad to assist. The Bomb Squad is comprised of MCFMO Police Officers who are certified Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technicians.

MCFMO EOD Technicians were wrapping up another callout and quickly responded to the scene. Upon their arrival, they confirmed the presence of dangerous chemicals and requested additional assistance from the Conroe and Woodlands FD Haz-Mat teams. MCFMO Investigators determined that probable cause existed for the execution of a search warrant on the home and after review and approval by a judge, the search warrant was executed and Investigators discovered what they believe to be a “bomb-making lab”, including components and explosives precursors along with reference material on the manufacture and assembly of explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices.
As the scene investigation began to stretch into Friday evening, MCFMO Investigators quickly located Subach at his hotel and eventually placed him in custody. At the conclusion of the investigation, Subach was charged with possession of Components of an Explosive Device, a 3rd Degree Felony and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. MCFMO Officers booked him into the jail around 3 am, while the EOD and Haz-Mat teams removed the dangerous chemicals from the home, securing them in our explosives magazine. Crews wrapped up the operations shortly before daylight Saturday morning, releasing the home back to the owners.

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  1. robo

    This is why you do not see many rich people in jail. I myself was wrongfully accused. I mean 100% Innocent. But because I didnt have the money to pay for a good lawyer or better yet bond out I had to sign for something I didnt even do. I hate the justice system. Its no good at all.

  2. robo

    Its not the judge who is at fault. A $100,000 bond is a good size bond for what he was originally arrested for. He obviously has money because the judge gives him a bond he/she does not bond him out. If you have money than you can bond out. I have seen him on the site being arrested weeks ago. What the judge can do now is give him a no bond. But I seriously doubt that will happen. They will most likely up his bond even more challenging his bank account. I mean that is $10,000 cash he had to bond out with last time. So I think he is financially stable to bond out again unfortunately.

  3. DollyHorton

    Honestly, I think judges bond people out so they can have more work to do. Self-made job security. Keep arresting and bonding criminals out so they can keep re-offending so they can be arrested again so they can be bonded out again so they can re-offend again and be arrested again…… see what I mean? Job security, a never-ending conveyor belt of criminals. And of course they will crow about how many criminals they are ‘taking off the streets’. Yeah, right…..

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