Montgomery County Residents Can Claim Millions in Cash, at January 25 Event

(CONROE) — Montgomery County residents may have money waiting for them in the state’s Unclaimed Property database, and they’ll have an opportunity to search for it at an upcoming event hosted by the Texas Comptroller’s office and Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport.

Unclaimed Property representatives from the Comptroller’s office will be joining Treasurer Davenport and her staff to help people search for unclaimed property online, they will fill out claim forms and answer questions from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 25, in the Alan B Sadler/Commissioner’s Court building at 501 North Thompson Street Suite 402, in Conroe.  As an incentive all claims will be expedited as part of this event. “They will have to search the database to see if they are the owner and we are here to help them search and to expedite their claim.” said Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport”

“With our inaugural event I wanted to make a statement and bring awareness, so we did proactive efforts and outreach to prove that there are significant amounts that can easily be accessed and recovered.” said Treasurer Davenport “ As a result Montgomery County set an all time state record for funds returned in a single event.”

Of the last event Texas Comptroller Glenn Hagar announced “I want to congratulate Treasurer Stephanne Davenport and thank her team for their tremendous efforts to reunite the people of Montgomery County with their hard earned money,” said Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. “Treasurer Davenport, in partnership with my office, set an ambitious goal of returning $2 million in one outreach event.  As a result of that event, my office has paid out claims to Montgomery County residents of nearly $2.9 million or almost a million dollars more than our original goal, making this the single most successful outreach event in the program’s history.”

Hegar added, “It is partnerships like this and grassroots efforts like those of Treasurer Davenport and her team that will help my office surpass the record quarter of a billion dollars returned in unclaimed property last fiscal year.”

Unclaimed property includes forgotten utility deposits or other refunds, insurance proceeds, mineral interest or royalty payments, dormant bank accounts and abandoned safe deposit box contents. The Comptroller aims to reunite more than 25 million properties with their rightful owners.

“Texas has $4 billion in unclaimed property, and as Comptroller, one of my jobs is to get that money back in the hands of those who earned it,” said Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. “I encourage Texans to search for their money online or contact my office to claim their rightful property.”

The Comptroller’s office reports that Montgomery County residents currently have more than $10 million waiting to be claimed. “The members of my staff are excited about the opportunity to help our citizens reclaim their assets,” said Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, “We have surprised a number of people with substantial amounts of money, funds that they thought were safely deposited elsewhere or did not know was due them at all.”

Residents can skip the line and search for lost funds before the event at, print the completed claim form, sign it and bring the requested documentation to the event.

To search for unclaimed property, visit the new and improved Comptroller’s unclaimed property website at or call 800-321-CASH (2274).

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