By: Jessica Shorten

CONROE, TX – New Mayor of Conroe Toby Powell hosted his first event today, making it a tribute to all law enforcement officers not only in Montgomery County, but across the nation as cops are caught in tragic events. The function began with a prayer from Pastor Bruce Stewart of the Renewal City Church in Spring, thanking police officers and offering peace to the families of those who’ve died during duty. Then, he gave thanks and applause for all of the officers in attendance and the families of officers who support them everyday.

“We’re here, gathered today, to honor a lot of law enforcement who protect us and make us and our community a better place.” He also gave thanks to the dispatchers and heads of department for helping police officers do their job well. Sheriff Tommy Gage was there to accept a certificate of thanks on behalf of the law enforcement of Montgomery County. Sheriff Gage went on to say, “It’s mighty nice to live in a county where we have the support we have from the citizens of our county.”

There was a moment of silence for the police officers that died in the Dallas shooting July 7th, and another prayer for the fallen officers by officer Rand Henderson. “With your strength beating in our hearts, we will overcome this tragedy and continue down this pathway of life with our heads held high.”

Mayor Powell thanked everyone for coming and concluded the event. “I think this day means a lot for our community and our law enforcement and shows our support for our men in blue.” Mayor Powell was grateful for the turnout and is glad that people want to show support for officers. On the other hand Sheriff Tommy Gage was unsurprised by the turnout, saying that “In the past, when things have happened, people have turned out to show their support.”

“It’s a great feeling, you know, it’s easier to do our job when you know you have the support of the community.” With the Dallas shooting still on people’s minds, Sheriff Gage was asked whether or not people were worried about something happening here. He replied “You never know what’s going to happen; we know it could happen, but we try to always be ready here in Montgomery County.”

“People are just going to have to get together, and these folks who are protesting about law enforcement and being mistreated. There is no law against color, and we are going to protect the citizens of our community.” Sheriff Gage wants people to know that the courthouse is where people are determined guilty, not the corner of the street. The event had many officials including Sheriff Tommy Gage, Officer Rand Henderson, Judge Phil Grant, and Constable Phillip Cash in attendance.

The Montgomery County Police Reporter thanks the Montgomery County Law Enforcement for all they do, and wants them to know we support our officers.



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  1. justalocal

    I really appreciated a Sherrifs deputy coming through the neighborhood today
    She waved to me as she was driving past and I waved back with a smile I really thought that was a great connection. To the great officers out there every day I say thank you.

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