Houston area #BlackLivesMatter supporter Monica Foy took to Twitter to insist that slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to be executed. Foy posted yesterday morning she couldn’t believe “so many people care about a dead cop and NO ONE has thought to ask what he did to deserve it.”  She also posted he had “creepy perv eyes.”  Foy’s Twitter account has now been deleted.

Foy who lives in Summerset Estates in Conroe  is also an Junior English Major at Sam Houston State University.

Sam Houston posted to their Facebook,

“SHSU appreciates the enormous public response in support of law enforcement. The university is a leader in educating many people who work in criminal justice and those who protect the civil liberties this country was founded upon, including free speech, whether we agree with that speech or not.”
“SHSU has a strong Student Code of Conduct. The student’s remarks will be evaluated to determine if the code was violated following standardized due process. The university has an ongoing commitment to taking actions that strengthen dialog and understanding between our students and the law enforcement community.”

Last night Foy was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for an outstanding warrant from Harris County for assault causing bodily injury. She had a bond of $1000.

Foy’s Tweet went viral Monday and was picked up by many news organizations including Brietbart Press.






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  1. julblue

    Dear Monica Foy, YOU, madam, have no room to speak! Look at YOU!!! You, ( triple chin and all) look just like the wild hog my husband got at his lease! Your creepy smile makes me cringe and FYI (incase you didn’t know) your creepy eyes and bushy eyebrows are far from beautiful! You are ugly inside and out!!!! The site of you makes me want to throw up! Why don’t you go do something nice? Go donate some blood, like all of it!!!

  2. tobias807

    Why are all the white blacklivesmatter people fat and ugly?

    It’s sad a LEO is murdered in cold blood and this tub of lard tweets ” why do people care”

  3. mygirl5331

    I sure hope every cop remembers her name and if she ever needs one they don’t come to her aid because my husband is a cop and I want him to come home every night

  4. conroe911

    I know of 4 people that have called SHSU to express disappointment in this Monica.

    (936) 294-1844

    They’d love to hear from you and all your friends.

  5. Microjay

    Some from our culture is drifting so far from reality. We have it too good in this country, some of the younger generation forget who work hard to provide the freedoms we enjoy. God bless our public servants, national defenders, honest hard working people, those that love The Lord their God with all their heart, and their neighbor as them self.

  6. venice mentor

    Apparently, this ugly person, who is so inside and out does not own a mirror, let alone an ability to think. Time to cleanse the herd – a perfect candidate.

  7. conroe911

    That’s right skyman that’s right.

    That warrant meant nothing if it did she wouldn’t be at home eating bon bons.
    She opened her mouth and now she’s seeing how strong the bond is out here she knows nothing about.
    The school may not punish for what she tweeted (even though they should) but she broke the ethics rules by having and assault/battery charge against her.
    They need to cut her loose.

    1. LawEnforcementWife

      We need to call the school and complain, if they hear enough of it, they will cut her loose. She will not be a person that they want to represent SHSU.

  8. skyman

    Monica Monica Monica your life here in Montgomery County is about to be a living hell. You messed with the biggest gang in Texas, the only gang that matters let me assure you..Do you really think they would have given a damn about that little warrant otherwise? It all starts here, you have a great day now you here….

  9. conroe911

    Only one loves her is her momma. And she probably regrets that now.
    Attention getter with daddy issues. Clinging to a group that will accept her. Pitiful human being. She is where she need to be taking orders from a bunch of men and women the happened to love creepy eyes.

  10. East cnty redneck

    Wow….no words to say….just an idiot…she’s got a creepy brain (what sense she’s got) does that mean she deserves anything ?????…to bad it was ONLY a 1000 dollar bond warrant…but knowing someone like her she will slander the police even more when she gets out for “doing her wrong”….

  11. shmily1973

    Looking for attention? I guess you got it!! Way to draw attention to yourself on social media and get arrested for an outstanding warrant. You are a smart one, aren’t you? I guess Stupid lives matter too, unfortunately!

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