More Celebratory Shooting Damage Revealed

Another bullet fell from the sky going through the hood of a vehicle in Roman Forest this New Year’s Eve.

Most Roman Forest residents had a good New Year but this resident discovered a bullet hole in his hood. He lives on the Roman Forest side of the southern most city limits which borders the Kings Colony subdivision. This subdivision is prone to celebratory gunfire.

This New Year’s Eve, 2 Roman Forest Police officers including Chief Stephen Carlisle and three Montgomery County Pct4 Constable deputies teamed up to patrol the Kings Colony subdivision to reduce the celebratory gunfire and loud music that normally generates complaints.

“Constable Hayden and I were talking about projects our agencies can do together when the idea to partner our crew together for New Year’s Eve was born,” said Chief Stephen Carlisle. “It made perfect sense; we both planned to have units there anyway. Team them up.”

This team visited with every party they came across and had a positive and educational conversation discouraging loud music and celebratory gunfire. This did reduce the activity substantially but apparently not completely.

Chief Carlisle issued a zero-tolerance order to his officers in November for illegal gunfire and related crimes. Celebratory gunfire is deadly conduct. Many homes and vehicles in both Roman Forest and Kings Colony have been hit by bullets from the sky over the past several years, including Chief Carlisle’s residence, due to this irresponsible, dangerous, and illegal behavior.


(This sign is erected at every entrance of the Kings Colony subdivision.)


(A bullet hole in the hood of a vehicle at a Roman Forest residence that borders Kings Colony)

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      Oh so true unfortunately. What I would really like to see is a Texas Penal Code section # at the bottom of those signs. I’m not sure if there is a State law against this activity, but there should be.

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