Sherri Lorene Holloway, age 30, of the 12300 block of White River in Tomball remains in critical condition at Hermann Hospital in Houston, This after she was involved in the fatal accident Thursday on SH 105 near Jay Hawker Creek.

Holloway had been stopped for DWI on May 13, 2010. A blood sample was submitted to the DPS lab and was returned to officials with the results. The toxicology report showed that her blood showed to have codeine, soma and xanax in her system at the time of her stop.

A warrant was issued  and she was arrested on January 28, 2010 when she turned herself in at the Montgomery County Jail. She bonded out on a $1000 bond using AZ Bail Bonds. She is due in Judge Stewarts court again on March 30, 2011. It was unknown if today’s crash was alcohol related.

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  1. breeze28

    Am the victim’s wife . I have ask about Ms Halloway and her family . My prayer are sent to her and her family.I Pray everynite that she that she lives cause ,NO CHILDREN SHOULD LOOSE A PERANT . I hope she has God or Finds God cause she going to need HIM . I never said it all about my family , and her family
    is victim’s too cause either side ask for this to happen . So before you post anything please remember Kenny ( Kenneth ) had 3 children of his own and adopted 5 other . ages from 16 to 6 . They trying to work this all out without hate .We raise them to have God in their heart and so do we .
    Wendy Buffington

  2. get the facts

    Everyone is praying for the victims family but until you know all the facts and even after that, pray for Sherri’s family also. Her family is not responsible for her actions and I’m sure they feel awful about the death of Kenneth. You can’t try a person without all the facts and just because she had 1 DUI doesn’t mean this was another. She may have medical problems that you don’t know about or any other number of reasons for what happened. God doesn’t judge and neither should anyone else! God Bless all the people this has affected.

  3. Laura

    at this rate, this young woman won’t live to see 40. Hopefully she can get some help behind bars. So sad and tragic. Prayers for the victim’s family.

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