An upper level disturbance will be moving across the area today. Increasing Gulf moisture combined with this disturbance and daytime heating will allow ongoing showers and thunderstorms along the coast this morning to expand inland throughout the day.

Considering the tropical atmosphere in place, heavy downpours can be expected at times. Stronger cells will be capable of producing localized 1-3 inches of rainfall in a short time period. Where this occurs, minor street flooding would be a possibility.

A few of these storms will also be capable of briefly pulsing up to strong to severe levels…with strong winds being a possibility.
Urban Flash Flood Messaging
Heavy rainfall is forecast for portions of Southeast Texas, including highly urbanized areas like the Houston metropolitan area. Based on forecast conditions, NWS Houston will be utilizing the following urban flash flood messaging for this event:

Street Flooding (Select if Anticipating Moderate Rainfall Rates; 1-2″/hour)
– Drive with caution. Car may flood in low-lying areas. Ponding on roadways may increase risk of hydroplaning.
– Pay attention to the weather. Monitor the NWS, your local media, HCFCD and other official weather information sources.
– Rain may move repeatedly across the same area, causing a rapid rise on creeks and bayous. However, creeks and bayous are not likely to exceed their banks.

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