Mother and Daughter arrested for Manufacture/Delivery of Methamphetamine

On Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 Cleveland Police Officer P. Young shared information with a local Department of Public Safety State Trooper in regards to possible drug activity.

Information led to the stop of a suspicious vehicle located at Loves Truck Stop in Cleveland, Texas. Officer Young and the local State Trooper met with occupants of the vehicle, it was found the driver had a warrant for their arrest.

The Officers investigation found that the occupants of the vehicle possessed over 29 grams of methamphetamine in their possession. The duo also possessed $3,430.00 in currency and digital scales.

Lindsey R. Woods (age 21) (Liberty County Resident) and Laurie E. Valderez (age 45) (Liberty County Resident) where charged with Manufacture/Delivery Controlled Substance PG1 4g < 200g (F1) HSC: 481.112



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  1. LocalDrifter

    Absolutley no offense intended toward the good folks who have an IQ around 60

    Really now, folks tripping the IQ scale at that number wouldn’t notice an offending remark or if you spit right into their face. They’d stand there looking back at you with a Gomer Pyle smile or the trademarked Lindsey / Laurie dumb blank stare thinking, “Oh, it must be snowing.”

  2. Craven

    This stuff is poison. There is no “recreational” use. These two and other like them, who manufacture meth, need to be locked up for a long, long time.

  3. LocalDrifter

    Usually a height chart but frequently runs double duty for fools such as these two. That broad in green sure resembles Mick Jagger, don’t she? Reminds me of his tune, “Mothers Little Helper”.

  4. starbaby

    I’m pretty sure you’re both right, DisneyLover. They are both around 60-63″ in height, and by their actions, it is pretty obvious that their IQ hovers right around 60-63. (Absolutley no offense intended toward the good folks who have an IQ around 60 due to no action of their own.)

  5. DisneyLover

    We as parents have a right to be parents to our kids not best friends, this is where she messed up.Local Drifter, I thought that was a height chart? Could be wrong.

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