December 3, 2022 5:48 pm

Posted: 4.10.2012 11:47


On September 27 Montgomery County Sheriff Deputy Bartoskewitz stopped a vehicle in the 22200 block of SH 242 for what appeared to be an intoxicated driver. During the stop another vehicle stopped in front of them.

After determining Kimberly Ann Overturf, 23, of 2434 Catacombs in New Caney was intoxicated he arrested her. As he was doing this Trooper Peterson approached the female driver in the other vehicle that stopped in front of them, The driver of that vehicle, Theresa Ann Overturf, 55, of 2430 Catacombs in New Caney was also arrested for DWI. She was Kimberly’s mother.

Kimberly was last arrested for DWI on June 24, 2008. On June 9, 2011 she pled guilty to  a lesser charge of DWI-Minor as she was under 21. That made it a Class C Misdemeanor.


             KIMBERLY OVERTURF                         THERESA OVERTURF