The mother of 4-year-old Emma Thompson, the Spring girl who died last year after suffering a severed pancreas and fractured skull, was found guilty of reckless and serious bodily injury to a child by omission by a Houston jury Monday.
Abigail Young could face two to 20 years in prison for the crime. The sentencing phase will begin Tuesday. Jurors rejected a more serious charge of injury to a child by omission, which could have sent her to prison for life.
Emma died at a Woodlands hospital on June 27, 2009. An autopsy showed she had “80 contusions, a severe head laceration, scalp hemorrhaging, a skull fracture, internal bleeding and a severe tear and hemorrhaging to the vagina.”
The cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma to the abdominal area, which caused several internal injuries.
Investigators also said the girl had genital herpes when she died. Young’s former boyfriend, Lucas Coe, is accused of raping Emma.
Initially, Young told investigators Emma hurt herself when she fell out of bed.
CPS began investigating the family in early June of 2009 after Emma’s dad called, saying she was covered in bruises. Her pediatrician had also contacted CPS, because he suspected blisters in her mouth and genital area were caused by genital herpes.
But an exam at Texas Children’s Hospital found no evidence of sexual abuse, and CPS did not remove her from the home.
Weeks later, she was dead.
Because of Emma’s case, CPS decided to use more aggressive procedures when investigating allegations of abuse in children with sexually transmitted diseases.
Emma’s two sisters were placed with grandparents after her death.
Coe, who faces trial in September in Harris County on charges of aggravated sexual assault and injury to a child, had been investigated by CPS prior to Emma’s case.
CPS investigated him three times in unrelated cases involving another girlfriend’s child.
Coe was reindicted on January 12, 2010 on a January 13, 2005 charge of first degree felony Serious Bodily Injury to a Child. The victim in the Montgomery County case is a seven-year old boy.
Emma’s injuries case will be prosecuted in Harris County where the abuse occurred, and not in Montgomery County, where she died.
Coe was not Thompson’s father, but shared a residence in Spring with Emma and her mother, Young, a registered nurse who worked in labor and delivery.
His criminal history includes charges of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief.
If convicted, he could get life in prison.

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  1. Angelrose

    I have some questions considering the jurors decision to not have the charge of injury to a child by omission against Abigail, the mother? This would have given her the life in prison sentence she deserves. Ok, she may not have done the torture and sexual acts, but it was her that brought the man into Emma’s life. It was her place to protect her children and she didn’t do that, she didn’t question enough, check into his background, she failed. This woman a nurse at that failed to see the monster she allowed in her life. Abigail is responsible she should give Her life as Emma lost hers…locked in a cell to live out her life in hell as Emma suffered the last days of her life. As for the monster that calls himself a man, Lucas Coe, he deserves to die. Don’t waste time just put him to death. He has all the signs of sadistic behavior, so life in prison would be a pleasure to him…..

  2. SSargent

    Look at that precious little face. How can ANYONE ever hurt a baby like that. Especially YOUR OWN!?
    I hope they get what they deserve…which is nothing short of being placed in general population where the horrors they inflicted on this child can be played out on them on a much larger and painful scale.

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